I love snow more than most people I know.  I don’t dream about being at the beach during the winter.  In fact, if I were out of town in a warm location and heard that we got hit back home with a really big snow storm I’d be pretty bummed!  Our overnight dumping of nine inches of snow was beautiful, and yes, I ran to the window overnight to see how much snow we were getting, but even I am ready for spring!

Here are five reasons I would like to put our snow on hold until December:

1.  I want to get out and dig in my yard, trim back bushes, and plant flowers on my deck; but I’ve got to be able to find my yard first!  When bags of lawn debris are placed by the curb for the recycling truck to pick up, it just doesn’t seem right for them to get covered in snow, and then plowed in.


2.  I want these pretty little yellows guys to have a fighting chance!  Blooming jonquils trigger a response in me that expects warm sun, walks with Bill after dinner, and reading a book on the deck; not shoveling the driveway!


Photo courtesy of my friend Jessica

3.  As much as enjoy the invigorating feeling of shoveling the driveway, and consider it a really good core exercise; I’m getting tired of brushing the snow off of my SUV.  I need either a bigger garage, a smaller vehicle, or less snow.


4.  My running trail is a mess again, and I yearn for running in shorts, racer-back tops, and finally putting my gloves and Yaktrax away for the summer.


5.  I am ready, so very very ready, to sit at this table with salmon and veggies fresh off the grill while laughing the night away with friends!


  • Questions:
  • Are you ready for spring?
  • What screams spring fever to you?
  • What’s your favorite food to grill?