I’m super excited to have kicked butt on my run today!  The air was crisp, the sky was blue, and the sun was shinning.  In other words, it was perfect weather for a 10K PR so I decided to put it all on the line and push myself like never before.  I’m beyond excited!  Of course, I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but it was worth it!


On my cooldown walk I snapped this picture of a whirligig someone had put beside the trail.  It was spinning super fast and just a blend of colors, so I was quite surprised at how the picture turned out.  The shutter speed on my iPhone must be fast.


Last week I stopped by a new grocery store in our area.  Actually it’s been open since November, but I don’t drive by there very often so I hadn’t stopped in.  We’ve been wanting a Trader Joe’s to come to our community, but the last check on their website shows no plans for any new stores in Virginia any time soon.  Fresh Market is a similar type store, but seemed much more pricy.


It was very enjoyable shopping experience and I bumped into friends that I hardly ever see, so that was a bonus!  The flowers were beautiful, but I passed on getting any.  Had I known how dreary the weekend weather was going to be, I might have considered otherwise!


When I got home, I pulled out my salad I made at their salad bar…


And for added protein had a spoon of their freshly ground almond butter.  It is delicious!


Bill and I were up late Friday night and since the forecast was for rain all day Saturday, we decided to sleep in and go running a little later.  Surprisingly we woke up to a no rain.  Just before we got ready to head out it started raining pretty hard.  Had I met my MRTT friends at 6:30 or the Cruisers at 7:30, I could have finished my run before the rain hit.  The temps were in the mid-30’s with steady rain, so I decided to play the wimp card.  I’ve had pneumonia four times and decided that I didn’t want to get cold and wet and susceptible to anything.  Bill ran ten miles later that afternoon while I caught up on reading blogs, worked on a post for next week, and basically let two hours slip by before I knew it.


New Adidas jacket from my BRF

Joseph was visiting and Saturday night he and I made filet mignon for dinner.  He’s perfected the recipe and it didn’t disappoint!  For sides, I roasted asparagus and served the honey lemon bow-tie pasta salad I purchased at Fresh Market.


Sunday I broiled salmon with dill on top and served it with green and wax beans.


Yesterday morning when I realized how perfectly my shirt matched the yoga mat, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my matchy-matchy plank.  When clients run late, I plank while waiting!


Yesterday was a big day for our family!  It was MLB’s opening day and our Natties won!  When the boys were little I always made hot dogs for dinner on opening day!  I know, I know… Hot dogs are disgusting, but I love them!  I always get one when I’m at a ballpark, and I serve them at our Memorial Day and Fourth of July picnics.  Some traditions are just too awesome to let a little processed meat stop the fun.


Oh, and by the way, I ran today’s 10K in 1:01:42 (9:57 pace); hardly a PR!


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  • Did I get you?
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