Question:  What is a Ragnar Relay?
Answer:  It’s a team of twelve runners that are cooped up in two vans for approximately two days getting stinkier by the hour…

Question:  What will you do for two days?
Answer:  Run, eat, drive, wait; run, eat, drive, wait; run, eat, drive, wait (notice the lack of sleep)

Question:  How do you go about picking member for your team?
Answer:  You very carefully select runners based on their 10K pace sucker or bully your friends into running on your team.

Question:  Why do you want to run Ragnar?
Answer:  Why would I NOT want to run Ragnar?

Question:  What do you think will be your favorite part about Ragnar?
Answer:  Sleeping in my own bed after the race is over.

After years of being invited by my friend Chuck to join his Ragnar Relay team, and turning him down because I didn’t want to miss our Virginia Tech football game that same weekend, I took the plunge this year and set up a team!  So far we have seven Cruisers (four Hokies) on our team, with the newest Cruisers being Meagan and her husband Barry!  We will actually be missing a home game, but you can bet that we’ll be checking our phones for game updates!

It seems daunting putting the team together and remembering all that I’m reading in the Ragnar Bible, but this is what I live for… planning running events!  It seems like the biggest chores will be:

  1. finding three volunteers
  2. organizing the whole food thing
  3. renting the vans or deciding to use our SUV’s – I have the Cruisermobile (a full sized SUV) that has driven many a runner to many a race, but Chuck warns that by the end of the relay it will smell quite funky, and I may never want to drive it again…
  4. purchasing required safety equipment
  5. coming up with costumes, or at least designing team shirts (Note to my teammates:  I am not a costume kind of gal, so don’t panic)
  • Questions:
  • What overnight excursions have you participated in?
  • Have you participated in a Ragnar Relay as either a runner or volunteer?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?