A couple of months ago Eli, over at Coach Daddy asked me to be a guest writer for his blog.  He gave me three prompts to choose from and I chose, What It’s Like to Be a Hokie.  I’m sure my friends and regular readers won’t find that very hard to believe, because if there’s anything I like to talk about as much as running, it’s my Hokies!


So please pop over to Eli’s neck of the blogosphere and check out him out!  He writes about life as the father of three daughters, coach of three soccer teams, and his love of sports. Sometimes his writing is hilarious, sometimes it’s serious, but it’s always a good read! Go check him out.

And what better way for me to celebrate a guest post than to go on a run with a fellow Hokie, and to wear my Hokie Half Marathon finisher’s shirt!


Be sure to come back to visit on Friday when I return the favor, and welcome Eli to sit down and talk with you guys about something I know nothing about… raising daughters!