Today’s post is a conglomeration of totally random stuff; some funny, some inspirational, and one thing that will be very exciting for one person…  Nothing ties together, so don’t expect any great transition sentences from paragraph to paragraph!

One of my clients posted this on my Facebook…


From Facebook

And speaking of Facebook, my FB friends know that I am the queen of corny “walked into a bar jokes.”  Perhaps one day I’ll treat my readers to my complete collection…  In the meantime, here’s a teaser!

A personal trainer walks into a bar and orders one drink after another. After about the fifth drink, the bartender gets concerned and asks the guy, “Problems at work, pal?” The guy says, “Yeah, I’m a personal trainer at Personal Fit Fitness and they let me go today.  They said, ‘I just wasn’t working out.”


My new MRTT friend, Erin, just made this awesome meme.  I may have to hire her to write inspirational quotes for me.


And I came up with this one…


I really, really, really want this Nike waffle iron that was used as part of a Nike special event.  Please find where it is available to purchase and send me the link.  Then you can meet for a run some Saturday and we’ll have brunch afterward!


Perhaps this guy is running late for an interview…

Today’s newest answer to Barbie has the proportions of a normal sized 19-year old, has movable joints, doesn’t have feet molded to fit high heels, wears less make-up, is dressed in more athletic outfits, and is called the Lammily doll.  If I had a little daughter, I’d buy one for her…

  • RUN SMART AND RUN SAFE (Summary from RRCA video below):
  • Be in the zone, but not zoned out
  • Don’t assume drivers will stop for you
  • Stay alert
  • Make eye contact with drivers before stepping into the street
  • Run against traffic
  • Obey traffic signals
  • Don’t listen to music
  • Bring phone with you
  • Let someone know where you’ll be running

Check out the RunGo app for your phone.  It sounds like it would be great for business travel or vacations…

And just out of curiosity, who would you give this Easter flower to?  Someone you didn’t like, maybe?  He’s just creepy!


 Here’s the moment you’ve all waited for!  The winner of three pairs of Feetures socks is Laurel Cedarblade.  Congratulations, Laurel!  Please contact me so I can get your choice of socks, sizes, and colors, mailing address, etc.

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  • Questions:
  • What caption would you put on the picture of the guy running a race in a suit?
  • Where do you think I can find that Nike waffle iron?
  • What’s your favorite spring flower?