Yesterday I mentioned that to celebrate National Running Day, I am planning a joint celebration run with my MRTT friends and my Cruisers friends.

It’s going to be awesome!

Since I will be celebrating with these two very important groups of friends, I decided to reach out to them and ask them why they run.  My question was simple, “Why do you run?”



I run because…

It’s who I am.
It’s fun.
It’s good for me.
It allows me to be outside.
It allows me to meet new friends.


The Cruisers run because…

I’m married to DebRuns; do I really have a choice?

I like to eat good food and drink good wine.
I love the social aspect of running with other people!

I run so I can eat a lot of chocolate.
I run because in my mind, I am a Kenyan.

I run because I can and that’s a blessing I never want to take for granted!

Every day I run is a “good day.”
I always feel better after a run than before.

It makes me feel stronger, more powerful, and energetic.

I like to run.
Walking is slow.
It’s a great escape from reality.
I can.

I run because I love it.

It is a cheaper addiction than smoking that I did for 27 years.
And it compliments the breath mind body connection of yoga.
I quit smoking 10 years ago and running was my replacement to refocus me.

…otherwise I would drink!
. . . of the runner’s high!
. . . I get time with my girlfriends.
. . . the older I get the more I am challenging myself.
. . . I can!
I run to teach my daughter a life lesson . . .

I rarely place in my age group.  I run for me and that is my winning.

I run because it is a form of mind, body, and soul therapy
that makes me feel complete.

It is also a wonderful way to spend quality time with my running buddies.
I always feel better after my runs with them
because we talk about everything!


I run because everything always seems so much better after I run.


Moms RUN This Town run because…

I love to eat!

It changes the way I view myself.

I want my girls to see what healthy really is,
not what “healthy” is according to media sources.

Because it keeps me healthy, happy, and strong!

It relieves the stress I am facing from having a teenage girl!!!
It is cheaper than therapy!

So my legs won’t jiggle as much when I walk!

It’s my meditation and keeps me connected with nature.
We were born to run!

It’s my “me” time and I always feel better afterwards!

It’s my therapy, my sanity, my down time.
It’s who I am.


From all of us, to all of you,
Happy National Running Day!


  • Questions:
  • Why do you run?
  • Are you going on a special run today?
  • What’s your favorite holiday?