Weeks of excitement and preparation for a major holiday can lead to depression during the days immediately after.  That’s me today, the day after National Running Day

It’s time to take down the holiday tree decorated with running shoes, GU packets, race bibs, and finisher medals.  It’s time to throw out the leftover holiday pasta and refrain from having an after-dinner Gatorade on the rocks each evening.  It’s time to move on until the next holiday rolls around.

Yesterday is just a distant memory of meeting my Cruiser and MRTT friends at 7 PM for our annual holiday party on the trail.

We donned our fanciest footwear and took off for our run with about half of the “RSVP’ed yes” guests.  Storms were threatening to cancel our celebration, and the moms planning to run with their kiddos in strollers decided to err on caution and send their regrets.


We kept our celebratory run to four miles and got back to the parking lot just as confetti was released in the form of rain!  We jumped in our cars and took off, and I’m almost positive I heard one of the Cruisers shout, “Happy Running Day to all, and to all a good night!”


Here’s hoping you had a great National Running Day, and aren’t feeling too let down today!  Don’t worry about me, though!  I’ve already bounced back because today is Chipotle Thursday – a holiday in my book!

  • Questions:
  • How did you celebrate National Running Day?
  • What’s your best “caught in the rain” story?
  • Chipotle fan, yes or no?