Notice anything different about the look of my blog?

I’m considering myself lucky, very lucky…  This morning I updated my theme and this is what I got.  It’s never a good thing to see those two words, “Fatal error.”


Fortunately, I always backup my website before updating anything.  A quick Goggle search showed that other users of the Evolve theme had the same thing happen when they updated.  Many people said that they went back to the old version of Evolve and restored their website using it again, but I haven’t figure that out.  In the meantime, I’m using a different theme and giving myself a huge pat on the back that I was even able to figure that out!

My plan for today was to talk about what a great weekend we had, not to bore you with geek talk!

Back to the weekend, Friday morning started with our race and a break in the weather.  Saturday morning’s weather just got better!  It was cool, crisp and perfect when we headed out on Saturday morning for our group run.


We only had four MRTT ladies meet for our run, but considering it was a holiday weekend, that wasn’t surprising!


We ran four miles together and when we returned to the parking lot, Beth and I were pleasantly surprised to find our Cruiser friend Jerome ready to start his run.  At best, we had hoped to meet him on the trail somewhere during our run, so it was a huge bonus to be able to run with him for a few miles.


Just as Beth and I were finishing up our run (13 miles for Beth, 10 for me), we bumped into another Cruiser friend Joe!  Obviously, the W&OD Trail is a very social place for us!


Bill ran a little bit later in the morning, so I had the house to myself for most of Saturday morning.  I worked on my Firecracker 5K recap, and once Bill got home we had a few hours before Joseph and his groomsmen stopped by the house after a morning of golf.  They were on their way to part two of their three-part bachelor party.  Here they are ready to head out to their final destination, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. I’ll tell you about part-two, and most definitely the best part of their day, tomorrow!


Sunday morning I was pleasantly surprised that my BRF Susan was in town, so we ran for about 6 miles.  I chilled, caught up on some stuff, cleaned out a closet, and then Bill and I made these amazing shrimp for dinner!


It was a near perfect weekend, and the weather was a huge contributing factor!  Thanks, Mother Nature for cooperating!


  • Questions:
  • How was your weather this weekend?
  • Did you celebrate quietly or with lots of friends and family?
  • What’s your biggest fear?