It’s hard for me to believe that it’s time for another weekly running recap, but being on vacation has all of my days running together!

Last week’s runs included time on asphalt, concrete, sand, and a boardwalk.  My legs would have loved for all of my runs to be on the boardwalk, but a girl’s gotta run on whatever surface is available, and that’s exactly what I did.

Early Monday morning, I went on a 2.64 run/walk on the trails behind my house with my client.  We averaged a 13:34 pace, and I’m thrilled that she’s consistently maintaining her new faster pace.


After I finished with my morning clients, I lifted weights and then walked alone for 4 miles.  Little did I know that I wouldn’t be doing either again that week.

By 5:30 on Tuesday morning, my MRTT buds and I were warming up for what would be an 8-mile run including 12 hill repeats.  My overall pace for the workout was 9:38, which is pretty normal for me for that workout.  We had six runners show up for the hill workout, but only three of us did the extra mileage before and after.


Bill and I got up bright and early on Wednesday to drive to the beach, so the extent of my working out was dragging my bags to our SUV and then schlepping them up to the beach house once we arrived.  Bill got a really good workout taking the hurricane shutters off the house, though.

We ran on the beach during low tide on Thursday for our 6.5 mile run.  After about a 1.5-mile warm-up, I decided to run the middle segment at tempo pace.   My overall pace was 8:41 because we had a pretty easy pace for our warm-up and cool-down.


On Friday, we ran 12 miles at a 9:34 pace down in Corolla and points south.  Long runs on the sand can be very boring and taxing on the legs, so we opted to drive down for a 7 AM run.  Also, low tide wasn’t until about 12:30, so we were able to avoid the hot mid-day sun with an early morning run.


Saturday’s run took us back to Corolla to run on the paved surfaces and an opportunity to pick up a few groceries before we headed home.  We ran 6.2 miles at a 9:43 pace, and had some fun taking running pictures of each other while we on the Currituck Banks Reserve boardwalk.  This picture was courtesy of a friendly biker.


Bill decided to take Sunday off and let his foot heal a little more, so I went out for a 6-mile recovery run at an easy 10:52 pace.  I ran mid-day during low tide, but the weather was delightful, so I couldn’t complain.


Total weekly workouts:
Running – 38.7 miles
Run/walk – 2.64 miles
Walking – 4 miles
Lifting – 1 hour

I didn’t get but one walk in last week, but since I was on vacation, it was okay!  I’m really not worried about my training for Ragnar.  I’m pretty sure that if Ragnar were next weekend, I’d be fine.  Famous last words…


  • Questions:
  • What would be your preferred running surface?  Asphalt, concrete, sand, or boardwalk? ~ Boardwalk for me!
  • Are you bored with my beach run recaps yet?
  • Who raced this weekend?