Sometimes adhering to your own advice can be the most difficult…

Anyone that has trained with me has heard me say, “Listen to your body.”  That’s easy advice to give, but not always easy to follow.

Let’s back it up to Thursday when I had a great, steady run with my MRTT girls.  We ran 5.14 miles at an 8:48 pace, and I felt strong.  About 100 yards from the finish I heard/felt a pop in my left forefoot.  I grimaced and don’t even know if Erin or Beth noticed.  I finished the run without any more pain.

The rest of Thursday and yesterday, I was slightly aware of my foot, but didn’t really think anything of it since I didn’t have a run scheduled. I passed on an opportunity to do a big multi-chapter group run several miles away at a vineyard this morning since my allergies (I think) have been bothering me and I’ve been feeling a little off.  Instead, I opted to meet a few of my Cruiser/MRTT friends nearby, and hoped to run 10-12 miles with them.

Last night I prepared my stuff as usual for my Saturday morning group run, got up, got ready, and just before we left our house Bill and I questioned whether or not it was a good idea for me to run. I took a few strides through our kitchen, and decided not to run.  I went with Bill to our meet-up spot to say hi to our friends, and drove home.

Here’s where the best, and probably most important, part of my training came in.  When I got back home, I went back to bed and slept for two hours!  I’m the type that pops up out of bed when I wake up, and I’m up for the day.  I don’t like lying in bed unless I’m sleeping, so for me to go back to bed means my body craved it.

I woke up and iced my foot, and plan to ice it several times a day until my next run, and see how it feels.  I’ll skip running tomorrow, and wait until my next scheduled run on Tuesday to resume training.

I have a really strong base, and my running/training has been going really well.  I’m not going to sweat it, because taking a few days off and letting my foot heal is most important as my next two big races come up.  In the long run, my Ragnar Relay and the Hokie Half Marathon results will thank me!

  • Questions:
  • What was your last injury?
  • How quickly did it heal?
  • Once you wake up, do you like to hop out of bed or lounge in bed for a while?