Let me tell you the story of Rally Pigeon… but first I’ll start my story earlier in the day when we visited The Bullpen, because most good stories start with a margarita!


Our good friends Beth and Tom invited us to join them for a Nationals game where the Nats were taking on the Giants in the third game of their series.


We arrived under absolutely perfect weather conditions (mid-70’s, low humidity) plenty early to have time to visit The Bullpen, grab a few drinks, and play some cornhole.

After downing a few drinks and wrapping up cornhole with a losing score of 0-1, it was time to head over to Nats Park…


And grab a bite to eat…  Don’t judge me; I will always eat a hotdog when I’m at a ballpark!


We caught the national anthem, but not from our seats…


Beth and I made it over to our seats (we had seats separate from Bill and Tom), and I got to see Natties shortstop, and my secret crush, Ian Desmond hit a home run (not at this at bat, but later in the game)…


A couple sitting next to Bill and Tom offered to trade seats with Beth and me so we could all sit together, so at the end of the fourth inning we were reunited.  We moved to our new seats in plenty of time to catch the presidents race.


Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt were neck-and-neck until TJ edged Teddy out at the finish line despite Teddy’s best efforts.  Teddy: Call me!  I can make you a faster runner!


Sometime during the sixth inning, and with the Nats down 6-2, a pigeon landed on the field just behind second base.  We soon learned that it wasn’t just any pigeon, it was Rally Pigeon!


And a close up…

Rally Pigeon got the Nats’ rally started, and we came from being behind 6-2 at the top of sixth, to winning the game 14-6. He hung out for most of the rest of the game, and didn’t leave until he was sure we’d secured a win.


Rally Pigeon even got a mention by Jayson Werth after the game!

Before we left the ballpark, Rally Pigeon joined us for a post-game group picture!

Shortly after the game, Rally Pigeon set up at least two different Twitter accounts to confuse us.  You can follow all of his latest shenanigans, travels, and game assists at @RealRallyPigeon:


Rally Pigeon photo courtesy of @RealRallyPigeon


And you can follow Rally Pigeon at @NatsRallyPigeon:


Rally Pigeon photo courtesy of @NatsRallyPigeon


I like to think Rally Pigeon is like Santa Claus; you have to believe…


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