Last week was all about recovering from Ragnar DC.  For those of you that haven’t read my recaps, you can catch up by clicking on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , and Part 4, to see how my team, Cruisers Rockin’ The Relay, did.

My workout on Monday consisted of me limping down the stairs (yes, my quads were still screaming from all of those hills).  I got in some foam rolling, and worked my masseter muscles really well while telling my clients all about my extremely fun Ragnar adventures.

I got the stitches out of my other arm on Tuesday, and my doctor told me that I could resume lifting, but to keep the weights at about 50% for a while.  I’ve decided to ease very slowly back into lifting (except for some core exercises) until after the Hokie Half Marathon.  At that point, I’ll ramp back up into lifting heavier again, while I take a one to two week break from running between my training cycles.

My running buddy Erin and I met early Wednesday for our first post-race run.  Erin had run, and PR’ed by eight minutes – yay, Erin, at the DIVA Half Marathon on Saturday, so she was feeling the post-race muscle soreness earlier in the week as well.  We went on an easy 4.76-mile run maintaining a 9:52 pace.  It was 49º when we started our run at 6 AM, and I had to wear my gloves for the first time since March, or early April.


I rushed home from our run to meet a client for a 2.75 run/walk.  We maintained a 13.48 pace, and surprisingly, I was kind of tired during it.  I obviously still had some recovering from Ragnar to do.

I headed back to the W&OD Trail on Thursday morning to meet my MRTT friends again for another easy 5 miles at a 9:54 pace.  Check out Erin’s wings on her shoes, Kathy’s fun yellow shoes, and the hole in the top of my left shoe!  I put a lot of miles on those shoes (about 400), and kept hoping to get to the running store to replace them, but knew it would take a while since I wanted to go through their complete fitting process.

Bill and I drove to our home-away-from-home, Blacksburg, on Friday for our Virginia Tech 35th class reunion.  Not to sound cliché, but where have all of those years gone?  We had a great time with our friends, and loved every minute of our weekend, except for the Hokies’ second loss of the season.


We didn’t get a run in on Saturday morning because we were participating in our class reunion breakfast, and then had to set up our tailgate, all before our noon game.  I take my running seriously, but I take my Hokie tailgating even more seriously!

We talked about going on a trail run at Pandapas Pond on Sunday morning while down in Blacksburg, but we opted to get on the road earlier than usual and head home.  I’m hoping to get there sometime this fall.  I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful trail.

Once home we decided to head over to Road Runner Sports for new shoes.  Bill and I both went in completely open minded and decided to let them fit us for new shoes, and go with their recommendations.  Based on running barefoot on their treadmill, and scans of our feet, we were both put in neutral shoes.  I got my first ever Brooks, and Bill decided on Nikes for regular running, and Asics for trail.  They told me that my current trail shoes were a good choice for me.  We can’t wait to take our new shoes on a test run!


My mileage was low this week compared to usual, but I’m completely fine with that.  I feel that full recovery from Ragnar is important for me, so I don’t end up having one of my recent injuries rear it’s ugly head again.  I’m feeling great right now, and want to keep it that way!


Total weekly workouts:
Running – 9.76 miles
Run/walk – 2.75 miles
Walking – 2 miles
Lifting – 0 hours


  • Questions:
  • What shoes do you run in?
  • How often do you need to change running shoes?
  • Who raced this weekend?