t’s time for Friday Five linkup with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run!  Be sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!

During this busy Thanksgiving week that jumps right into the busiest and most festive time of the year, the DC Trifecta chose Gratitude to be this week’s Friday Five theme…


I am abundantly blessed, and so very thankful for so many things, but in accordance with the rules, I will limit it to five things for which I am grateful.


1.  My family is so very important to me.  My parents taught me the importance of a loving family; and I am thankful to have found a husband with similar values who has created a happy, loving, and fun family with me.

2.  I am very grateful for my health.  In the grand scheme of things, I am a very healthy person, and don’t take my health for granted.

3.  I love my country, and I am so very grateful to our military for their role in protecting our country, and giving us the freedoms that we enjoy.

4.  I have the best friends, and I’m so appreciative of every single one of them.  Some are fun-loving and carefree, some are serious, some are runners, and some are not; but they all enrich my life in a way no other person could, and for each, I am grateful.

5.  I am very thankful for my passion for living.  I wake up happy, and I go to bed happy.  Life is good, and I want to enjoy every single moment I’m gifted with living on this magnificent earth.


  • Questions:
  • If you could thank one person for making the biggest impact on your life, who would it be?
  • Which of my areas of gratitude do you share?
  • Who raced yesterday or is racing this weekend?