It’s weird that I get so excited about the Super Bowl since the Redskins haven’t been close to playing in it in a couple of decades. I have no skin in the game this year, but I’ll be cheering for Kam Chancellor and Nick Sorensen (both Hokies) to have a good game, so by default, I’m cheering for Seattle.


Daniel circa 1996

I considered playing a game during the Super Bowl where I either take a shot, or do 20 push-ups, every time someone says, “deflate-gate,” but I know I’ll either be bombed or exhausted by the end of the first quarter so I skipped that plan.  Instead, I’ll eat a little too much Mexican layer dip, and too many chicken wings, and enjoy the commercials.  And of course I’ll throw a margarita in there for good measure.

Sharing a little good news, I got an email on Friday inviting me back as a Feetures! Ambassador again for 2015.  Feetures are the only socks I wear, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what the Seahawks and Patriots are wearing tonight!  If they’re looking for comfy, blister-free socks, that’s what they should be wearing!


  • Questions:
  • Are you watching the Super Bowl?
  • If so, which team are you cheering for?
  • Did you race this weekend?