With Yaktrax and GoPro in Hand, Bill and I hopped in the car on Saturday afternoon and headed to Paeonian Springs for a run on the snow covered W&OD Trail.

We quickly realized that the eight inches of snow that fell on Thursday hadn’t been plowed, and that our run would be an adventure!

We met our Cruiser friend Alan, strapped on our Yaktrax, and took off.  Cross-country skis and snow shoes had packed down the snow for us early on, but it was still tough going.

We were quite surprised when we came upon a part of the trail that had been untouched except for the tracks of one lone animal. We kicked it up a notch, and plowed through the virgin snow working our legs much like we do when we run in the sand at high tide while on vacation on the Outer Banks.

As the temperatures warmed up in the afternoon sun, the snow became slushy and slippery, and it was hard work staying upright. Even throwing my arms to the side for counter balance was not enough, and my leg stabilizers and core got quite the workout keeping me from wiping out on the snow covered trail.

As we approached the end of our eight-mile run, I was becoming exhausted.  Not only were my lungs on fire, but every muscle in my body was starting to complain.  Each step became harder, and I fell farther and farther behind Bill and Alan.

We finished our eight miles exhausted, but thrilled we’d gotten in such a good workout on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and that we didn’t let a little snow get in our way.

As soon as I woke up this morning I was aware of my calves – very aware!  They were stiff and sore and didn’t want to move.  As the day wore on, my walking became more of a hobble; and stretching, foam rolling, and staying very well hydrated became my self prescribed therapy.

Tomorrow will bring more of the same pampering, and most likely by Tuesday morning my calves will no longer be sore, and will be ready to take me on another adventure.  And hopefully, a bright and warm sun tomorrow will melt the remainder of the snow off of the trail, and have it clear for my friends and me bright and early Tuesday morning!


  • Questions:
  • What have been the toughest trail conditions you have run on?
  • What fun things did you do this weekend?
  • Did you race this weekend?