I wish I was the kind of writer that could leave you laughing hysterically at with me – so much so that you would pee your pants.  But enough about bodily fluids, there will plenty of time for that later.

Thursday was a normal day.  I had a good early morning run with my MRTT peeps, I trained my clients, and I ate normal stuff.  For dinner, I sauteed onions and mushrooms in olive oil, added them to my marinara sauce, and then added chicken breasts and simmered on low for over an hour.  It was delicious.

Around 10 PM it hit!  Even though my stomach never boiled and churned, I felt miserable.  I knew that there was no way I could lie down, so I stayed up taking care of paperwork, changing the sheets in the guest room, stuff like that…..

Finally at 1 AM I decided I had to go to bed.  While getting ready, the first of the real stuff hit.  Alrighty then, I thought, perhaps that was it and I would start feeling better soon.  I got into bed and found that I could only sleep on my back without getting extremely nauseated.

I woke up at 2:45 and barely made it to the bathroom in time, and I learned several lessons during the following hour…..


  1. Don’t take time to get a band to pull your hair into a ponytail when you’re about to redistribute red sauce into the toilet, or in my case on the light cream colored rug in front of it.
  2. The human body is capable of many explosive things all at once, and never ignore what’s going on behind you while worrying about what’s going on in front of you.
  3. Set a bucket next to the toilet so you can multitask.
  4. When sudden illness hits, we are all reduced to nothing more than animals and the body will do whatever it has to get rid of the attacking virus.
  5. Vomiting violently is a great core workout.
  6. It is possible for every fiber of your body to ache, even your teeth.
  7. It can take over an hour to clean up after such a show, and bleach is a wonderful thing.
  8. There are some things that even I won’t take a selfie in front of (although the mere thought of it made me smile).


I slept most of Friday, and when I got up I Googled WebMD to see what I should be eating, if anything.  Gatorade was my life savor, and became one of the few things I wanted yesterday.  It wasn’t until I forced myself to eat a banana with a tiny bit of peanut butter on it, and a yogurt, that I started to get a little bit of energy back.

Fortunately the plans Bill and I had made to go into DC on Friday morning to take pictures of the sunrise and cherry blossoms had gotten postponed because of rain and fog.  I could barely walk to the kitchen, so there’s no way I could have run along the Tidal Basin.

All I could think of was thank goodness my 24-hour bug didn’t hit during a race!


  • Questions:
  • Has the sudden onset of a virus kept you home from an event?
  • What is your remedy for a stomach bug?
  • Are you racing this weekend?