Well this weekend certainly flew by!

All last week Bill and I planned to go into DC on Friday morning for a run along the Tidal Basin and to take pictures of the cherry blossoms, but we had to postpone it because of rain and fog.  Even if bad weather hadn’t moved in, we would have had to cancel anyway because violent weather had moved into my stomach, and I was sick all Thursday night.  I spent most of Friday sleeping off my late-night potty and bucket party, so I pretty much lost that day altogether.

Due to still feeling a little queasy and having not eaten much for 36 hours, Saturday morning’s run with my friends didn’t happen, and I’m sure they were more than happy not to see my pastier-than-usual white face.  Bill and I did have a relaxing day of just sitting around the house reading and working on little projects though.

Late in the day I took a three-hour online course for CEC’s (continuing education credits), passed the test, and checked that off my final requirement for my personal training and weight management certifications that need to be renewed by the end of May.

Happy to have that behind me, I checked the clock, it was 8 PM, and we hadn’t eaten dinner.  Being the type that puts cooking for my family before anything else (HaHa!), and the fact that I still didn’t have an appetite, we settled for an apple, cheese, and crackers.

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling great and rather excited to try an easy run over to one of the local high schools to meet a bunch of my MRTT friends who were running in the Loudoun Half Marathon.  I’d hoped to get there at least 15 minutes before the race started so I could be their official photographer, but one of my systems had started acting up again and I thought otherwise. I’ll let you guess which one…

Several of my friends were running their very first half marathon and I wanted to be there to share in their excitement and wish them luck in person.  I got to the exit of the high school parking lot just as the National Anthem was playing, so with my right hand over my heart, I stayed put until the Star-Spangled Banner ended and the race started.


Early lead runners

As soon as I saw my friend Erin, I turned and ran with her for about a half of a mile until I stopped to cheer on the rest of the runners behind us.  Yes, I ran as a bandit for less than a mile, but made sure to move over to the far left side of the road so I could easily peel off onto the median and out of everyone’s way.

Once I finished my run and got home, I ate breakfast (finally I was hungry), and headed back outside for yard work.  Even though we had someone else spread our 75 bags of mulch (our backs thanked us), Bill and I spent many hours working outside – ten for me to be exact!


After finishing my yard work, my next goal was to take everything out of our garden shed, assemble a set of shelves, then put half of the items back in the shed, and the other half of the crap on the curb for the garbage men to pick up. Thankfully, I can check that item off my to-d0 list, and now I won’t have to worry about falling and breaking my neck whenever I need to get something out of the shed.


I should have taken a before picture!

Every. Single. One of our 15-year-old deck chairs went to the happy ripped-seat-home-in-the-sky last summer so I hit up Costco for replacement furniture last week.  Bill put the new furniture together, and if we hadn’t been so exhausted and famished at that point, we would have popped the top off of a cold one right then and there.


I envision many relaxing evenings sitting on one of those comfy chairs sipping a margarita and enjoying my beautifully landscaped lawn – that is, until the squirrels and racoons start playing in the mulch!  Oh, and if it’s raining I just might take a chair and my margarita into the garden shed!


  • Questions:
  • Have you ever run as a bandit? ~ I promise that this 1/26th of a race was my only time!
  • Did you race this past weekend?
  • What was your most fun thing from the weekend?