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Runfession –
a formal statement admitting that one is guilty
of a particular running crime.


As usual, I’m adding a fun little twist by making this a group effort, and this month I invited my Cruiser friends to contribute.  Here are our runfessions…


Terri runfesses:  I once got passed in the Marine Corps Marathon by another runner who was wearing full firefighter gear including boots and oxygen.

Jerome runfesses:  I changed my shoe brand and style during marathon training. Big mistake!

Deb runfesses:  My running friends are equally impressed, jealous, and grossed out at my ability to blow snot rockets.

Terri runfesses:  If another runner passes me on the last mile of a long run, I secretly swear at them in my head.  I have also been known to swear at bikers who get too close when they pass.

Beth runfesses:  I almost got passed by a Juggler at mile 24 in Richmond in 2013.  I saw him coming up to my left and said out loud (so he could hear as well), “Oh No, I will not get passed by a juggler!” So I pushed myself to run through to the finish and enjoyed all spectators cheering for him those last two miles!

Jerome runfesses:  Sometimes I run in the same direction as the traffic.

Beth runfessesAt the Army 10 miler, I’ve placed myself at a much faster pace at the start in order to avoid the crazy dodging that happens if I started at my normal pace – I cannot stand dodging runners/walkers in a crowded race.

Kat runfesses:  When I need to blow my nose while running, I find a large leaf and use it for a tissue!

Terri runfesses:  While an avid runner with even a few marathons under my belt, I naively wore underpants with my running shorts until someone (Deb) told me that’s what the running shorts liner was for!

Beth runfesses:  At a DC Rock-N-Roll marathon with Bill (and possibly Chuck) we sneaked into the VIP bathroom line by pretending to be VIP’s.

Rich runfesses:  When running my first marathon (Cleveland), the start was rainy and 37-degrees…  and I was wearing a long-sleeve cotton shirt. Not aware of NipGuards or Glide, by the 18th mile I was exhibiting two red blotches through the white shirt. Men spectators that I passed seemed not to notice… but women knew instinctively what had occurred and would grimace and wince as I passed by.

Chuck runfesses:  It’s not uncommon for me to to push the last quarter mile or so, with an all-out sprint at the end of a distance run to gain a few positions. I am proud to say, I past a few runners with my speed and I confess I passed a few by scaring them out of my way. Because, it is also not uncommon for me to get sick to my stomach on hot days, when I push too hard. Fellow runners scatter as they hear and see me getting sick, as I have learned to continue running, while barfing my guts out. I did this at the end of one of my legs at Ragnar a few years ago, too.

Jerome runfesses:  I ran up and down my little street 5 times to get to a completed mile on my Garmin.


  • Questions:
  • What are your runfessions?
  • Who is racing this weekend?