Today I’m linking up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice for her monthly Runfessions linkup.  Be sure to check out her blog and those of the other great bloggers linking up, too.


Runfession –
a formal statement admitting that one is guilty
of a particular running crime.


As usual, I’m adding a fun little twist by making this a group effort, and this month I invited my Moms RUN This Town friends to contribute.  Here are our runfessions…


Meagan runfesses:  One time I skipped a run because my Garmin was not charged.

Lupe runfesses:  I love passing people on the last mile of a race, especially men!  🙂

Melissa runfesses:  Sometimes I give myself a short walk break before starting up a big hill.

Jessica runfessesMy running routes often depend on how my stomach feels and how many bathrooms are on the way.

Beth runfesses:  I was passed by a guy playing songs on a colonial period fife during the Army Ten Miler many years ago. He was running an 8:30 mile, I mean really?

Lesley runfesses:  I sometimes play chicken with the cars while running against traffic. I know it is dangerous, but it irritates me so much when a driver clearly sees me running and refuses to use the empty lane on their left!

Deb runfesses:  On a rest day I went out for a run just so I could play with my GoPro and post a picture on Instagram.

Lupe runfesses:  When I see someone ahead of me on a path I speed up a little to see if I can pass them.

Martty runfesses:   Sometimes I sneak into a friend’s hydration pack pocket and catch a ride for twenty miles. It’s much easier than running that far myself!



Martty Runner



  • Questions:
  • What are your runfessions?
  • Who is racing this weekend?