I named Wednesday’s boot camp, Back-To-School Boot Camp, for two reasons.  Firstly, because our public schools started on Monday and we watched the teachers starting to arrive while we were working out on the middle school track (yes, they were arriving before 6:30 AM…)  And secondly, because I used suicides as the cardio intervals, and suicides always remind me of high school track conditioning.


On Tuesday night I pulled out our cones from when the boys were little and Bill coached them in soccer.  One of my friends asked where I’d gotten the cones because her little daughter wants some so she can play coach (that’s so cute).  I told her that we’d purchased them at Sports Authority – 23 years ago!

In case you’re not familiar with suicides, they are performed by sprinting from line to line on a basketball court or soccer field.  Since we were on the track, I used cones as the turnaround points.  

One suicide consists of running from the first set of cones to the second, touching the ground, turning around, and sprinting back to the starting point.  Runners immediately sprint to the second set of cones, touch the ground, turn, and sprint back to the starting line.  This goes on as long as there are additional cones or lines to sprint to. 


Including the warm-up and cool-down, this workout is designed to be completed in one hour.

We worked hard, but still had lots of fun at our final boot camp of the summer.  I’m looking forward to sleeping a little later on Wednesdays, but will miss my new boot camp friends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the eight boot camp workouts I’ve shared this summer.  To see them again, check out Deb’s Boot Camp Workouts on Pinterest.


  • Questions:
  • Did you have to do suicides in PE class or when conditioning for your sport?
  • If you have children, have they started back to school? ~ Our public schools started on Monday, but a lot of the private schools don’t start until Tuesday.
  • What are your Labor Day plans?