My friends Beth, Erin, Vicki, Lupe, and several other MRTT friends have organized a virtual race for a local little boy battling cancer.  Today I am turning my blog over to Beth and Trevor’s mom Sara so they can tell you a little bit about this sweet little boy, and what you can do to help….. 

Note:  To make it a less confusing when reading, Beth’s words are in plain text, and Sara’s are in italics. 



June 2015

 Team Trevor – Fighting Together


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and our Moms RUN This Town chapter and Team Trevor are joining forces to raise awareness and funds for Trevor Schweigert and other children battling cancer. Trevor and his family live within our community; and therefore, this cause hits close to home.

“Trevor (aka Tattoo Trevor) is a typical five-year-old boy. He loves cars, rescue bots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Xbox, and Legos. He loves school, reading and most of all, his sister. There is one thing that makes Trevor not your average 5 year old – he has cancer.


Ava and Trevor


Trevor was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma just after his fourth birthday.  He had a large tumor in his belly, one in his neck, involvement in his bone marrow, and lots of bony lesions. He has gone through nine rounds of chemo, a fifteen-hour surgery to remove the bulky tumors, two rounds of MIBG therapy, seven days of intense radiation that was delivered twice per day, and is currently on his tenth round of Hu3f8 at MSKCC (antibody therapy).


Trevor – January 2014


We have traveled all along the east coast seeking treatment for Trevor. He is doing well and is still so full of life. I am so thankful that cancer did not take away his heart melting smile, positive attitude and his incredibly caring side for others. He is a jokester, loves all of his nurses, his doctors, his family, his big sister Ava, and everyone he meets. He is my rock star, my miracle, and my love.”

~ Sara Schweigert (Trevor’s Mom)


So how can you help?

Sign up for the Team Trevor Virtual 5K – a race that can be completed at any location any time between September 12 and 20. You can run outside with friends, walk on the treadmill, jog at the beach, do it as part of another race, or even complete it over a few days. You just need to do 3.1 miles!

Cost: $25

Dates: September 12-20

When you register, you’ll receive a personalized race bib via email. When you’ve completed your 5K, you’ll receive an awesome superhero medal – or you can opt for the cost of your medal to be donated to Team Trevor.


Please join us in making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer.


  • Questions:
  • Have you run in a virtual race?
  • Has childhood cancer affected your family or that of a friend?
  • Will you please join us fighting together for Team Trevor?