I have mixed emotions on the title of today’s blog post.  As season ticket holders of Virginia Tech football, our falls are always filled with fun – and a lot of driving.  This year, though, our Hokies are either under-performing or just not that good.  And I’ve got to admit that it’s a lot harder to make that four-hour drive to watch our team lose.

We sold our tickets to the final home game on November 21 to Meagan and her husband Barry.  Hokie fans can thank me, though, because Virginia Tech always win when Meagan’s there.  I don’t bring such luck!  We didn’t sell our tickets because we’re fair-weather-fans, but because I’m just burned out from traveling every weekend.  One fall we spent Friday and Saturday nights in a hotel eight out of nine weekends…

Backing up to Monday, my friend Tracy came to my house for a run on the trails behind our houses.  I’m temporarily car-less, so she agreed to meet me at my house.  I mean, God forbid I actually walk a relaxing mile to her house for our run!  We had a delightful late morning run, and spent a little time doing some GoPro strides just before we turned around on our out-and-back run.


On Tuesday, I ran ten timed fartleks with a 1.5-mile warm-up and 1.5-mile cool-down.  Since I’m between training cycles I thought this would be a great way to keep my speed up without an intense speed workout.  I recently joined a Facebook group where the #runabler leader Heidi gives us a weekly speed session to do, should we choose.  As a running coach it’s nice to not think, and follow someone else’s plan.


On Wednesday, I gave my legs a rest from running, but started my off-season lifting.  Now that my legs have had a chance to recover from Ragnar and I don’t have any big (read long) races coming up, I’m upping the lifting with my legs.

Thursday morning I met my early-morning MRTT friends at 5:30 AM for the first time since Labor Day.  Both Tiffany and Lupe would be running Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, and I wanted to give them a proper send-off!  Tracy would be running the Marine Corps 10K and cheering on our friends after her race.  We did an easy five miles, and it was great getting my run finished so early in the day again.


L to R: Tiffany, Laura, Lupe, Amanda, and Tracy


Feeling very European, I walked to a few stores to complete some errands while car-less. Even though I have several stores to choose from only a mile from my house, I almost always drive because of time and hauling the stuff home.  This week I will most likely spend another week car-less since my Cruisermobile is getting a new transmission.  I call my large SUV the Cruisermobile since it’s hauled a lot of Cruisers (and later MRTT friends) to-and-from races!

After riding in the car for  several hours on Friday, my leg was bothering me on Saturday morning so I opted to sleep in.  Sitting in a car is the toughest thing on my back, which results in sciatic nerve pain in my right leg.  Being more ambitious than me, Bill hopped on the hotel bike and then took a short walk on the Huckleberry Trail before we headed over to our tailgate.

My friend Lynn, and fellow MRTT’er, and I just might have recruited another lady to join our chapter.  Laura and I started talking about running and then triathlons (she’s completed several).  Laura was a collegiate swimmer, but would like to become a stronger runner.  I couldn’t let an opportunity pass us up, and suggested she join in on our chapter fun!

I also learned that Lynn is going to be one of our volunteers at our April Ragnar Trail Relay in Richmond.  We have so many fun ladies heading to Richmond, that I just know it’s going to be a blast!


L to R: Laura, Deb, and Lynn


Keeping with our tailgate tradition, we toasted the Hokies with a tequila shot before heading into Lane Stadium.  The Hokies may have lost the game in quadruple over-time, but we’ve never lost a tailgate!


After the game we headed to Cabo Fish Taco for drinks and dinner.  The garlic lemon grilled shrimp tacos with cilantro sauce were ah-mazing!


Bill and I drove home this afternoon, and since the weather was nice, we headed outside to do some yard work.  After several hours, I pretty much got all of my plants cut back and most of my summer deck items stored away in the garden shed.  It felt good to be moving after sitting in the car for so long…


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Have a great week!


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