During the winter our running needs are a little different than during the summer here in the mid-Atlantic. We go from hot and humid to cold and blustery; although, this year El Niño has made our winter quite a bit milder than usual. Well, with the exception of last week’s blizzard…  

We go from starting our early morning summer runs as the sun rises, to finishing while it’s still dark during the winter months. We go from wearing shorts and tanks, to wearing long pants, jackets, gloves, ear warmers, and hats. Our needs for additional running clothing and gear explodes as the days get shorter and colder.

For me, dressing warmer usually means wearing capris, and that’s where your opinion comes in…

1. For some bizarre reason, I really, really like these capris from Amazon (affiliate link). When I texted a picture to my friends Tracy and Erin they cracked up, and Erin even said, “There is a reason they’re only $11.99.” Actually, I misspoke, they’re $12.26, and have free shipping on Amazon Prime. 

If I had these capris, and while running someone randomly asked me where the longest muscle of the body happens to be, I could point and show them my Sartorius. 

 And if someone started to pass me from behind, I could turn and say, “Do these capris make my Gluteus Maximus look big?

Soooo, I need your honest opinion… What do you think?

  • You love them, and insist that I buy them!
  • You wonder what I am thinking!

2. This morning I ran at 5:30 AM with my MRTT friends for the first time in 2016. Apparently sleep has become a priority for the new year since I’ve been sleeping later, and hitting the trail mid-day, usually solo. Since this was my first run in the dark since Christmas, I finally had the opportunity to check out my LED shoe lights (affiliate link) that my mom gave me, and they worked great! I was afraid that they’d slip off, but they stayed on fine, and didn’t press uncomfortably into the sides of my heels. The lights can be adjusted from staying on steady, to flashing.


3. And speaking of Christmas, I haven’t worn my new Brooks white shell Bill gave to me. Actually once on, it’s almost clear, and I could wear it with my muscle capris so my own bulging lats could show through. I love that it’s so lightweight that it folds into itself and can be worn as an armband if I get too hot while out on a run. Sounds perfect to me!

4. During the winter, my laundry room countertop looks like there’s been an explosion of gloves, mittens, and headbands. This afternoon I stopped by Target in search of some sort of organizational tool, and found these great baskets! Now with my gear organized, I can find what I need quickly, and my laundry room looks neat and tidy.


 5. And finally, don’t forget that I have a giveaway going on! Check out my review of the Halo all-in-one headphones and headband from Tuesday, and enter for a chance to win your own Halo Headphone.



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  • Questions:
  • About the capris… Should I get them, or am I out of my mind?
  • What do you feel is the most important accessary for running in the dark?
  • Are you racing this weekend?