Fatigued from over five hours of intense yard work on Sunday, I had to convince my sore body that it really would be for the best for it to work with me, and at a minimum, go through the motions of strength training on Monday. Once I got started, my muscles decided to actually cooperate, and I ended up with a pretty good session working through the soreness.

Tuesday I headed out for my run before my mid-morning clients arrived. Tradition prevailed and I ran to our local polling place to cast my vote in the Super Tuesday primaries of which Virginia was one of the states and commonwealths participating. 


On the way home, I chose to explore on the hill between our house and the elementary school where I’d just voted. I’d heard a lot of hammering and ruckus while working in the yard on Sunday and had to see what had been going on. Someone had built a swing, a bench (using logs lashed to trees as the base), an artistic wooden sculpture, and a stone fire pit. What surprised me most, was that there was no trash, empty beer cans, etc. strewn around. I don’t know if it’s a dad and younger kids or high schoolers making a little hideout, but I do know that I would have loved a place like that when I was little (minus the fire pit – I was afraid of fires).

This afternoon I could hear more voices of all ages coming from the hill, and I’m anxious to check out the progress later this week while the kids are at school. I took pictures on Tuesday, but I’m still debating on posting them, or letting their secret hideaway remain private.


Thursday was another gorgeous, mid-40’s day. I ran alone later in the morning after I choosing to skip my run with my MRTT friends. Last week’s struggle which ended up with me running alone, temporarily knocked the wind out of my sails. I feel that I’m at a cross-roads and need to figure out what’s wrong. More on that later this week…


Friday we woke to the perfect snowfall. The trees had a beautiful thick covering of snow, but the roads and trials were clear. With my first client arriving at 7:30 AM, I headed outside at about 7:10 for a few GoPro strides while the snow was still stacked on the trees, knowing that most of the snow would be melted before I could get back outside for my long run later in the morning.


By mid-morning I had found my way out to the trails behind my house for just over five-solo miles before hopping in my car to drive to meet Erin for three more miles.


There were small pockets of snow, but as expected, most of the snow was gone from the trees and the grass by the time we finished our run. 


Once home from my run, I had one more client to train before I could call it a day. Too fatigued to lift on my own after she left, I promised my body I would lift on Saturday before plopping on the sofa to watch the “Fuel Like Meb” webinar with Meb Keflezighi and Generation UCan (affiliate link).

Just after midnight Saturday morning, Joseph and Julie arrived for a whirlwind two-day trip home. Today Bill and I are enjoying watching the ACC Wrestling Championship with both Joseph and Daniel here. 

The Hokies are doing well and heading into tonight’s finals in pretty good shape for either first or second place, and our family is together… life is good!  


Weekly Recap: 

  • Weight Training: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Runs: Tuesday – 6.2 miles, Thursday 6 miles, Friday – 8.3 miles (Total: 20.5 miles)
  • Bike: None 
  • Yoga: Moved my DVD’s back from the workout room closet to the basement bar
  • Stretching: Almost daily
  • Average Steps Per Day: 15,157
  • Average Hours Sleep Per Night: 7:15


  • Questions:
  • How’s your running going at the moment?
  • What additional exercise would you like to add to your routine, but just can’t seem to get started? ~ yoga for me
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!



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