As I attempt to recover from running 34.42 miles in just under 20 hours over the course of three legs at Ragnar Trail Richmond on an ultra team with my MRTT friends, I’m well aware that I’m doing everything wrong. But you know what? I don’t have it in me to change things.   


After over two weeks of going non-stop working on outdoor home projects, I am burned out. The energy I used during those two weeks leading up to Ragnar would make the Energizer Bunny’s head spin. Even so, I went into Ragnar feeling relaxed and ready.

At no point during the race did I not feel prepared, and I never felt that I hadn’t tapered enough. My taper was nothing more than letting my tempo run on Monday be the last run of the week, followed by two weight lifting sessions, a relaxing walk, and lots of yoga. I knew that running on trails would be easier on my body than running on streets, and that in itself had me feeling relaxed about what lay ahead – as long as my body held up.

So why am I not doing all the right things this week to help myself recover from such a busy weekend of running? I have a Ragnover – I’m depressed, I miss my teammates, and I miss the excitement of planning for our Ragnar Trail adventure.  


So what should I be doing? What would help me recover more quickly from the wear and tear on my body after running all those miles on very little sleep? Do as I say, not as I’m doing…

1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Focus on stretching and foam rolling

3. Move around, don’t sit 

4. Ease back into workouts

5. Rehydrate and make nutritious food choices to replenish depleted macronutrient stores 


Now, it’s time for me to focus and get my game back on. I’ve got a half marathon to run in two weeks!


Note: After writing this post on Wednesday morning, I got my mojo back and got my butt into gear Wednesday afternoon. All it really took was spending the afternoon working with my flowers and getting them repotted for our deck. Gardening is good for the soul!


  • Questions:
  • Have you run a Ragnar or similar relay? If so, what were your secrets for recovery?
  • After what other events do find it difficult to resume your training?
  • Are you racing this weekend?


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