Since there’s no rain in the forecast for the remainder of today, yesterday just might have concluded a seventeen-day rain streak here in Virginia. With all of the rain this past week and limited time to work outside in my yard, I took the opportunity to write my Ragnar Trail Richmond Ultra Recaps, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Please (I’m begging you πŸ˜‰ ) take the time to read my recaps, especially Part 3 considering it took me two days to write (#bloggerproblems – more on that later), and the opportunity to see me in a running skirt. 


  • Monday
  • Lift – 1 hour


  • Tuesday 
  • Interval Run- 1 mile warm-up, 4 x 966 at 8:00, 8:27, 8:27, 8:34 pace (7:47 goal pace), 1 mile cool-down, 644 easy run between intervals
  • Rodney Yee’s Yoga Conditioning For Athletes (affiliate link) – Yoga for Runners
  • Gardening – 1 hour

With the chance of storms rolling in and out all day on Tuesday, I opted to do some gardening between raindrops and then run my intervals on my treadmill later in the day. Big mistake! I don’t do well running later in the day and get bored on my treadmill, so suffice it to say, I had a horrible run. I’m not really sure I can even count it as intervals with as many times as I hit pause… 

In case you’re wondering how I came up with 966 meter intervals and 644 meter easy run in between intervals, I changed my distances simply to make it easier to do the math on my treadmill. Since I was supposed to run 1000 meter intervals, I changed those to the closest even number in miles which was 6/10 of a mile, and used the remaining 4/10 of that mile as a recovery. It made for longer recoveries than the scheduled 400 meters, but on that particular day, it was probably a good thing.



  • Thursday 
  • Easy Pace Run – 5 miles at 9:20 pace
  • Yoga Basics
  • Teeter Hang Ups (affiliate link) Inversion – 15 minutes


  • Friday 
  • Strength Training – 1 hour
  • Yoga for Runners

Friday was the most frustrating day of my three-year blogging life. I could not get WordPress to save what I was writing. It would show it “saving draft” for two, three, four hours until it finally saved. showed my website down at times, and not at other times. Anyway, without going into any of the ridiculous antics I pulled to try to get my final Ragnar recap written and saved, it took me until almost midnight Friday to finish it, and I’d started it Thursday early afternoon with the plan to publish it early Friday morning. Today, knock on wood, I’m not having any problems with my website.


  • Saturday 
  • Long Run – 8.4 miles at 9:43 pace
  • Gardening – 2 hours
  • Rodney Yee’s Intermediate Yoga (affiliate link) Sun Salutations
  • Teeter – 15 minutes

Still annoyed with my blog, Cranky Pants Deb showed up to meet her MRTT running friends at the trail on Saturday morning. The run did wonders, and I came home feeling so much better, albeit a little embarrassed for not being my usual happy-go-lucky self and perhaps, dare I say, a little bitchy. Sorry friends!


  • Sunday 
  • Yoga for Runners

This week I’ll be taking it easy as I continue to taper for my upcoming half on Sunday with my friend Janet. See you in Chicago!


  • Weekly Overview:  
  • Weight Training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Running: Tuesday – 5.6 miles, Thursday – 5 miles, Saturday – 8.4 miles (Total: 19 miles)
  • Biking: 15 miles
  • Yoga: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Teeter Inversion: Thursday and Saturday
  • Average Steps Per Day: 17,611
  • Average Hours Sleep Per Night: 6:36 hours


  • Questions:
  • Do you easily get cranky or are you pretty even tempered?
  • Bloggers, how long does it usually take you to write an average blog post? Race recap?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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