I almost always have either my GoPro (affiliate link), my new Canon Power Shot Elph (affiliate link) or iPhone with me when I run, so if I see something unusual, I either slow down or stop to take a picture. Whether running on my neighborhood trails, the W&OD Trail, out in the wilderness, or along the Atlantic Ocean, over the last few years, I’ve seen some very interesting things…

I started this draft on June 22, 2014 after I took this picture of a mushroom along the trail. I thought it would be a great idea to add photos as I saw interesting things during my runs. During the past two years I’ve added pictures, and finally decided it was time to hit the publish button.


This section of my neighborhood trail often has large amounts of dog hair along it. I think it’s fair to say several blond and light gray dogs live nearby, and that all of the local bird nests have fabulously soft linings.


This sweet cat met my BRF and me on the trail each morning in the spring while it was out on a walk with her humans. After demanding a quick scratch on the head, she’d let us continue on our run.


This bald armless and footless doll was on my neighborhood trail one extremely cold day this past winter. I found it rather creepy.


Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline never get old when I run along the Chicago Lakefront Trail when I’m visiting my son and daughter-in-law.


These strawberries looked delicious, and I would have stopped and snacked on some if I weren’t afraid they’d just been sprayed (or peed on by a dog).


My friend Tracy and I saw this fox walk right across the trail in front of us, cut into the woods, and then come back out behind us.


Last spring I saw a SpongeBob playground ball in a tree along the trail. It was creepy for sure!


The bluebells between the Potomac Heritage Trail and the Potomac River were absolutely lovely in April.


This country mailbox with a farmer and tractor on top always makes me smile when I run in rural Virginia.


While finishing up a Saturday morning long run this spring, I became concerned when I saw an ambulance along the W&OD Trail. I became even more concerned when I realized that it was one of our MRTT runners who was down. She was taken to the hospital and treated for severe dehydration and is completely fine now.


I watched the huge base of a lighthouse or buoy being pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean on one of my beach excursions.


This sand castle was amazing and turned my run toward magical thoughts.


Waves rushing up toward my sandy running trail at low tide made for a beautiful run.


I saw this little salamander on a country road near where I grew up.


While running on the trail around Burke Lake, I saw this box turtle laying eggs.


Coming home from a run along our neighborhood trails, I saw this pallet in the creek near our house. My neighbor helped me fish it out of the creek and carry it home. It’s now a beautiful piece of art on our deck privacy wall, and I promise to share pictures soon.


While visiting the farm in March, I ran past this extremely smelly field along the road. Those cows have terrible hygiene habits.


One day while running on the W&OD Trail, I was sad to see this trash next to one of the mile markers. It was too far and there was too much trash to carry back to where I’d started. I’ll have to remember to take a bag with me next time I run in that area.


The Potomac River was angry when I ran past it a couple of years ago.


Yes, I’ve seen a lot of cool things while running, but still no bear!


  • Questions:
  • What is the oddest thing you’ve seen along the side of the road?
  • Do you run with a camera?
  • Are you racing this weekend?


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