A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a gentleman named Woody Harrell, editor and part-time curmudgeon at BostonLog. The purpose of BostonLog, as Woody explained, “… is to collect stories from anyone who has run the Boston Marathon. We hope the site will serve as both an archive and an inspiration.” He went on to say that they had come across my 2010 Boston Marathon Race Recap and wanted to add my story to BostonLog.” 

I checked out BostonLog and found the following: 

The idea for BostonLog sprang from the chaos erupting at the 4:09:43 mark of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Kenneth Williams was one of the first of many runners to be stopped that day on Commonwealth Ave., just a kilometer short of the finish line.

In the hours and days following the terror and confusion of that infamous bombing, Kenneth shared his post-race experience with friends, relatives, the media, and most importantly, with many fellow runners. He realized all the first person accounts he heard needed to be preserved. He envisioned a website where that could happen.

But over the next few months, Kenneth’s goal grew well beyond recording stories of runners caught up in the tragic 2013 event. He understood every runner who has ever completed the foot-journey from Hopkinton to Boston appreciates the special quality of the race, and each has a story that needs telling.

The mission for our small staff at BostonLog is to serve as a repository for the memories of all people who have run those 26.2 miles, and to make their stories accessible to millions of people world-wide who want to read about courage, dedication and perseverance…


Flattered, I replied that I would love for my race recap to be included on the website and sent Woody a head shot. After a few days, Woody let me know that my 2010 recap was up on their website!


Not one to shy away from a good thing, I let Woody know that I’d also written a recap from my first experience running Boston. He happily added my 1998 recap as well, commenting that it would be the first from that year, or as he put it, from around the turn of the century.


Enough about me, my good friend Erin had a very exciting week as well! She was picked to speak with Sarah and Christine on the Another Mother Runner podcast about how she got into running and more specifically, about her 5K experiences. 


From Mother 5K Runners podcast #220 intro:

The first guest is Erin Troia, who recently ran her 100th race which was her 40th 5K. A self-proclaimed “running slut,” Erin showcases an infectious love of races as she tells how she adores “defying expectations about gals who wear sparkly skirts.”


Not that I don’t recommend you listening to the entire podcast, but Erin’s interview starts at 20:44 and runs until 35:22. If she weren’t already my friend, I would be standing in line to get to know her. Her fun and happy spirit shines through with every word she says!   


  • Questions:
  • Do you listen to podcasts?
  • If you listen to podcasts, what’s your favorite?
  • Tell me abut your fifteen minutes of fame!