Hiking Cascade Falls – As I mentioned last week in my recap of Bill’s and my trail run at Pandapas Pond, while in Blacksburg for the Thursday night Virginia Tech football game Bill and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and changing leaves and headed out to Jefferson National Forest for a hike/run to Cascade Falls in Pembroke, VA.

I first went to Cascade Falls, or the Cascades as we called it, when I was a young Hokie during my freshman year. Bill spent many hours there with his dendrology classes, but it wasn’t until after we were married that we made the hike together. We’ve hiked to Cascades again a few times in recent years, and hope to visit at some point when the falls are frozen over.

From the parking lot, the Cascades National Scenic Trail runs along Little Stony Creek flowing away from Cascade Falls. The hike is beautiful and relatively easy. Steeper sections have rocks carefully placed for steps with ferns and moss adorning the sides, while flatter sections weave in and out between large boulders.


Stone steps…


Flat dirt path…


Bridges cross the creek in several places allowing for close-up views of cascading water with an accompanying crisp wisp of cool mountain air.


While paused for Bill to pull his camera and tripod out of his heavy backpack, I snapped this picture of the photographer before I ran off to explore while he captured the beautiful scenery.


Even though lugging the heavy backpack makes it impossible for Bill to run even short segments of the trail; it is always worth it because when he brings his camera equipment we are later treated to fantastic photographic memories.


Photo credit: Bill


Photo credit: Bill


Photo credit: Bill

The sound of rumbling water in the distance let us know that we’d arrived and once we rounded the bend, the beauty of Cascade Falls didn’t disappoint.


Photo credit: Bill


Photo credit: Bill

While Bill set up his equipment to take the two previous pictures, I climbed the wooden stairs to the platform for a closer look of Little Stony Creek tumbling over the rocks.


While admiring the falls, this cutie stopped by for a visit and to get his picture taken.


Once I got back to the pool level, this guy came tearing toward me to say hello!


After hanging out a while and making new friends, Bill and I took the easy way – the Upper Trail – back to our car.


Round trip, our hike came to a little over five miles, but with the time spent stopping multiple times to take pictures it took us about four hours – time well spent considering how much fun we had!


  • Questions:
  • Do you enjoy hiking?
  • If so, where was your favorite or most beautiful hike?
  • Have the leaves turned where you live?