Sometimes I hitch a ride on the struggle-bus during my runs, but usually I don’t. Oddly, both my Tuesday and Thursday runs seemed extra difficult this week. I lagged behind on Tuesday’s 9:10 average pace run, but managed to hang on for dear life during Thursday’s 8:53 average pace run. Anytime I struggle I remind myself that I’m about 15-20 years older than most of my MRTT running friends and I’ve earned the right to not always be as peppy! They’re at the age where, with a little hard work, they can greatly improve their paces, and I’m at the age where maintaining my pace is equivalent to improvement.

When I caught word that a couple of my friends were doing their long run on Friday instead of Saturday, I decided to join them. With my Italian dinner party scheduled for that evening, it seemed perfect to get my run behind me so I could relax and sleep in on Saturday morning after working so hard on Friday. After a few texts back and forth I realized that they weren’t meeting locally, so I decided to just head out my back door instead of adding driving time to my already packed day. I had a fantastic solo run and enjoyed the beautiful weather and trails that I hadn’t been on in several months.


Once home and showered, I hit the kitchen where I stood for the rest of the afternoon making beef braciola, chicken parmigiana, and a Debbie salad (recipe coming your way on Thursday). The dinner party was a huge success judging by the amount of laughter that filled our house.

Photo credit: Bill

Saturday morning around 3 AM I got up to go to the bathroom (TMI?), and in a single motion of raising the lid while sitting down, I landed rather hard on the 3/4 of the way up raised lid, stopping me abruptly and jamming my back. Seriously, who does that besides me; and as my hubby says, “I am my own worst enemy.” I spent all day Saturday hobbling around half bent over with back pain and spasms, realizing that there was no way I could have gone on a run. Fortunately, today I feel much better and should be fine by my next scheduled run on Tuesday morning. 

Looking ahead to this week, Bill is taking the week off from work and we have at least one hike planned. My sixth installment of Ask Coach Deb is set to publish on Tuesday, I’ll be sharing my Debbie Salad recipe on Thursday, and I’ll be joining in on the Runfessions fun on Friday!

The big event coming up is the Real Runners Virtual Summit starting tomorrow! We would love to have you join us and it’s not too late to register. If you’d like to join in on the fun and educational tips, please click here to register for the summit.


Getting back in the swing of things with my workouts, here’s how my workout week went down…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • What’s the craziest injury you’ve incurred in your own home?
  • What do you put in your salads? How often do you make salads? 
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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