Around 6:30 this morning Bill woke me up and said he could smell smoke. I sleepily mumbled that our neighborhood fireworks were last night and we could probably smell the residual odor from that wafting through our open windows. Luckily he got up to inspect and shouted for me to get out of bed because our downstairs was filled with smoke…

We didn’t see any flames anywhere as we quickly inspected the house while calling 911. Since the fire department is located behind our house and just through the woods, we could hear sirens wailing as they drove around to get to our house. Three fire trucks, two ambulances, and a pickup truck (I think) descended upon our cul-de-sac… Edited to add: We later learned that two more firetrucks were parked up the street just out of sight.


Upon arrival the firefighters went right to work quickly hooking their hose up to the hydrant, while other hatchet-carrying firefighters came inside, and others looked around outside for anything smoldering. I showed them where the electrical panel is located in the basement, and soon they were asking questions about what electrical appliances might have been running. 

In the end, they discovered that the dishwasher motor had ignited and smoldered. I had set it up on delay to run after we went to bed (as I almost always do), and during the final rinse cycle it failed. Surprisingly, the smoke detectors didn’t go off even though it seems that anytime I turn either of my ovens on above 425°, the foyer smoke detector blares in complaint.

I unloaded the dishwasher so the firemen could pull it out and confirm that it was the problem, and sure enough, it was. As my hilarious husband said of this picture, “How many firemen does it take to fix a dishwasher? None. They just throw it out the door!” As of now, the naughty dishwasher is in timeout in the garage until it can be hauled off.


The Ashburn Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were amazing. They swarmed the house checking every nook and cranny, even the attic. We invited them back for our annual Memorial Day weekend barbecue we’re hosting this afternoon. Yes, the party will still go on as planned and we’ll have plenty of interesting conversation. We are beyond thankful that the smoke was coming from something as minor as a flamed out dishwasher motor, and we are counting our blessings!

Annnnd since this supposed to be a weekly wrap of my workouts… If you remember, I overdid it with my gardening last weekend and aggravated my SI joint. As a result, I spent the week doing bridges, cat/cows, knee-to-chest hugs, hanging on my inversion board (affiliate link), easing up on my weights during my lifting sessions, icing, and not running – as you can see I didn’t run at all this past week!


In case you missed it, on Friday I posted my monthly Runfessions. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Race Linkup where the goal is for everyone to see who else will be at races so we can arrange meet-ups with other bloggers and readers. 


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • What has startled you out of bed recently? 
  • What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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