This week’s title pretty much sums up my week. If I wasn’t working or working out, I was writing race recaps from my last two races and prepping for some other throwback recaps coming up. Somewhere in there I tried to slip in a little sleep, and sadly it was just a little because going to bed late and getting up early is just too easy to do when there’s a lot to be done…

When I’m on a roll it’s hard to stop and with Bill out of town all week, I took the lazy route and picked up a Panera salad one night, a California Tortilla salad another night, Wine’ing Butcher carryout chicken and Brussels sprouts another night… In other words, I grabbed something on the way home from boot camp or training a client and didn’t take the time to cook.

Tuesday I even tied in my run with running errands. Anything to save time, right?


Thursday morning’s run was before daylight, solo, and within my little neighborhood so I didn’t take a picture. I’m hoping to get back with my pre-dawn running besties this week!

Thursday after my order of Christmas themed shorts, tee, and mittens arrived from Gone For A Run, I decided that I needed a red or green headband to complete the outfit. None of my friends had what I needed so I ran out in search of a thin Christmas headband.

It wasn’t until I couldn’t finding anything appropriate at Target that I got the great idea to make my own. Since I was cutting it too close to order anything from Amazon and get it by Saturday, I pulled out my favorite headband – a BondiBands (affiliate link) – to use as a pattern. I picked up fabric on Friday and for $3 I was able to make 14 headbands – 7 red and 7 green (I didn’t want to waste the fabric so I just kept cutting and sewing). Local running friends, expect some headbands for Christmas! 😉


Saturday afternoon we had our annual MRTT holiday party and had so much fun. Shalane’s Run Fast. Eat Slow (affiliate link) cookbook that I took for the gift exchange was a big hit!

In case you missed it on the blog, this past week I posted:

Looking ahead to this coming week, on Wednesday please be sure to join me for my monthly Wednesday Word linkup where this month’s word is beauty.

Here’s a run-down this past week…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included:

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Do you sew? If so, what have you made? ~ I made all my maternity dresses for my first pregnancy, Christening gowns for both our sons, hand smocked outfits for the boys when they were little, quilts, curtains, etc. I no longer enjoy sewing, but I do still occasionally sew out of necessity.
  • Do you think you’ll join me on Wednesday for Wednesday Word linkup
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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