This set of questions come from questions asked by a client I coached as she prepared to run the Disney Marathon… Please send your training and running questions my way by commenting below.


Question: Does it matter in which order I do my training runs? For example, would it hurt for me to switch up my training schedule and do my track workout the day after my long run? I’d rather run on the track over the weekend when school isn’t in session.

Coach Deb: I think it would be too hard to do your track workout the day after your long run without a rest day and you’d risk an overtraining injury. What if you swapped your long run to Monday and your track intervals to Saturday so you’d have a rest day in between? You mentioned you’d like to do your long runs on either Saturday or Monday so that would fit both requirements.


Question: What can you tell me about eating the week before my marathon? Should I eat more or just eat what I normally eat?

Coach Deb: I suggest eating what you normally eat because as you taper back your mileage you’ll be burning less calories daily. Make sure you’re getting quality calories – healthy proteins, complex carbs, and good fats. Be sure to drink plenty of water so you’re adequately hydrated especially since it can be significantly warmer where you’re running your marathon than you’re used to and you’ll have no time to acclimate.


Question: What do you think about the carb loading debate?

Coach Deb: As Bart Yasso once said in a lecture I attended, “All those people carb loading and eating massive amounts of pasta the night before a race will most likely be carb unloading behind the bushes during the race.” LOL With that being said, I do focus on eating healthy complex carbs the week before the race, I just don’t increase my volume of food and that seems to work. Also, practice the night before your long runs to see what pre-race meal works best for you.


Question: It will be 40 in the morning warming up to 50 by noon. Where should I put my bib so it can be seen with layers on top of it.

Coach Deb: Put your bib on the layer you plan to be stripped down to when you finish the race. You don’t want to be fumbling with safety pins as you take off clothes. If you see a photographer early on, pull up your layers so your number shows and you’ll be able to find your picture later.


Question: Will the chip work through the layers?

Coach Deb: Good question! I assume so, but pull up your extra layers just to be sure. One can never be too careful, especially on race day!


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  • Questions:
  • Have you ever had problems with your chip not being read at the start or finish?
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