Learning to Dress for Success

Temps in the high 50’s and rainy is an easy call for me when dressing for a run – shorts, a tank, and gloves… Dressing for biking; however, is a whole new challenge for this runner girl. The breeze created while I zip along is a game changer and leaves me nervous that I’ll make a rookie mistake.

In a moment of brilliance, I’d stowed away a pair of rubber kitchen gloves to wear under my fingerless biking gloves. Those rubber gloves probably saved the day in keeping my fingers somewhat dry and warmer than my exposed fingers would have been.

Usually one to overheat easily, I thought it safest to wear bike shorts, a short sleeved jersey, and perhaps start out with my nylon running shell which folds into a tiny pouch when it’s no longer needed. The probability of wearing a plastic poncho was high and I was nervous that it would hold in my body heat much like a steamy greenhouse.

In a last minute moment of panic, I ripped off my short sleeved jersey and changed into a long sleeved heavier version and topped it off with my nylon shell and poncho mere seconds before stepping out of our car and into the cold rain. A move that proved to be a good one, as I remained comfortable in all three layers throughout my ride.

Planned outfit


Down to the Wire with Stalking the Weather

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we kept a close eye on the weather all week leading up to the ride. Rain had been in the forecast the entire time, but as Sunday drew nearer the forecast became more ominous.


Lunch with the Family

Our first stop once we arrived in New Jersey was a visit with our son and daughter-in-law. Together, we went to Firehouse for lunch and I marveled in not worrying about what I ate. Something I could never do the day before running a race of any distance.


Dinner with our Teammates

Dinner was the perfect time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones when our team gathered at Chili’s Tex-Mex for dinner. A rather late lunch had left me somewhat stuffed, but never one to pass up the opportunity to have chicken fajitas and a margarita, I ordered both and thoroughly enjoyed them.


Officially Becoming a Trumpet Head

After dinner, our team gathered in the hotel lobby to attach our trumpets to our helmets. After about twelve years of seeing pictures of our Maryland running friends wearing trumpets on their helmets for Bike NY, we learned how they came to be called the Trumpet Heads. Because Paul rides with three huge speakers attached to his bike to provide music to motivate the team and entertain the crowds, years ago the team decided they needed some sort of uniform and that a musical instrument would be perfect for uniting the team. Wearing something on their helmets would also help them find each other on the crowded streets, so a trumpet was chosen and they called themselves the Trumpet Heads.


Ready to Roll

Back in our room, Bill and I got ready by attaching our race numbers to our bikes. We organized our clothes and gear and placed everything in easy to access piles. Our wakeup would be early and the more organized we were, the better.


But First, Some Sleep

With our alarm set for zero-dark-thirty the following morning, Bill and I were in bed by 9:30 dreaming of a miracle, a dry day for our ride…


  • Questions:
  • Have you ridden in a large group ride?
  • How much do you have to worry about what you eat before a run?
  • What’s the worst weather you’ve experienced in an outdoor event?