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Destination Bike Ride

After receiving a text from our friend Barb that she was taking her bike with her to the beach, we decided to bring ours along as well. Barb is to biking, what I used to be to running, so I was a little concerned about being able to keep up with her and Bill. Fortunately for me, Barb had gone on a tough ride the day before we joined her, so I had no problem keeping up with them at their 15.5 MPH speed for 40 miles.

For those of you who know the Outer Banks, we met at Harris Teeter and rode south along Route 12 to Southern Shores before turning around to ride all the way north to where the paved road ends and the sand road begins. After that turnaround, we rode back to Harris Teeter to our cars, completing 40 miles, mostly riding along the narrow bike lane.

Our 6 AM start got us out before traffic got heavy along Route 12; and for the most part, drivers were very cautious when passing us. One pickup truck; however, decided to act like a jackass and speed by way too fast and too close.


Too Many Risks Using a Mental List

Prior to leaving for the beach, I mentally went through my list of items I needed to pack for our ride. Despite my best effort, I left my bike Garmin (affiliate link) at home and had to use my running Garmin (affiliate link) which, fortunately, also has a biking mode. Leaving my Garmin behind reminded me that I need a handy list to go by when packing for future destination rides.

Once I jotted my list on a piece of paper, it occurred to me that it would be useful to share, surmising that I’m not the only one who forgets key items when packing for a biking trip.


Things to Pack


  1. Bike
  2. Helmet (ponytail holder, headband, hair clips)
  3. Water bottles (affiliate link)

Bike equipment:

  1. Spare tube or plug for tubeless
  2. CO2 cartridge
  3. Pump
  4. Bags


  1. Bike shorts/long pants
  2. Jersey
  3. Sports bra
  4. Bike shoes or sturdy sneakers
  5. Padded gloves
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Rain gear
  8. Winter gear

Tech gear:

  1. Garmin (affiliate link)
  2. Headlight (affiliate link)
  3. Taillight (affiliate link)
  4. Camera/phone
  5. Chargers for above items
  6. Battery charger


  1. Gatorade, powdered drink mixes
  2. Bars, gels, chews

Self-care items:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Chapstick
  3. Chamois Butt’r (affiliate link)

For stops along the route:

  1. Cash or credit card
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Face mask (during COVID)

After the ride:

  1. Towel, wet wipes, etc.
  2. Change of clothes
  3. Hat to cover helmet hair
  4. Flip flops, comfy shoes


Printable Packing List

To make life easier, I’ve created a PDF check list that can be printed out to use when packing for a biking trip and I’m sharing it below.



  • • What would you add to the list?
  • • What destination bike trips have you taken?
  • • Do you take your bike with your or rent when you travel?


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