Catching up with a Great Friend

My friend Craig and I go way back. I first met him at Worldgate Sport & Health where I was a trainer and he was a dedicated member. It was our mutual love of Hokie football that initially brought us together and that led to a weekly Friday morning coffee/hot chocolate date. Many years later we’ve both found new gyms and the weekly coffee dates are impossible to continue, but we still try to get together a few times a year to catch up. 

Craig is now a snowbird spending the summers in my neck of the woods and his winters south, way south – last year it was Miami, this year it’s Columbia, as in South America. Home for the holidays, Craig stopped by Thursday afternoon to visit for a couple of hours.


And Now on to a RunDown of this Past Week’s Workouts…



Monday morning’s run brought sleet, snow, and rain. Okay, I may be stretching the truth a little bit for effect… Within minutes of waking up at 4:30, I heard sleet hitting the skylights in our bathroom – I’d heard nothing on the skylights in our bedroom before I got up. Thirty minutes later when I got downstairs I could see huge snowflakes floating past the kitchen windows. I checked my weather app and it was 31° with a forecast of a wintery mix.

Once outside, I was greeted by a soft coating of snow covering both the lawn and the street. A couple of test steps helped me determine that the street was not slick and I ventured off on my run. My visor kept the light snow out of my eyes and I enjoyed the peacefulness of our neighborhood turned into a winter wonderland. About three miles into my run the light snow turned over to a light mist and by the beginning of the fifth mile, I started getting pelted by rain. By the time I paused for a selfie in our cul-de-sac, most of the snow had  been melted by the rain.

For this snowy run, I’d chosen to wear my new festive full length tights and short sleeved Santa shirt (affiliate link) covered by a light jacket; however, with my lower legs covered I got way too warm. Sometimes, though, you have to go with fashion over function and just sweat it out.


The temperature dropped as the week wore on and it was 28° with a feel like of 22° for Wednesday’s run. This time I wore my HO! HO! HO! / !OH !OH !OH capris and they felt just right.


Friday’s run was downright chilly! It was 18° with a feels like of 14° at 4:45 AM when I headed out the door. I wore a pair of thicker and slightly longer Athleta capris, and for the most part, I was fine, but it definitely took a little longer to warm up.



I hopped on my spin bike (affiliate link) for twelve easy miles on Tuesday for a rare mid-week ride.


Strength Training

As you can see, my strength training sessions are going extremely well, especially my upper body workouts. 😉 Thanks, Betty, for the perfect card!



I fit in two 30-minute routines and a few sun salutations.


It’s on the Blog

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…

Coming up this week, tomorrow I’ll be rerunning a favorite post about searching our farm for the perfect Christmas tree when I was a little girl and on Thursday I’ll be joining Marcia for her monthly Runfessions linkup.


In addition to the workouts I mentioned above, here’s a complete rundown of my workouts from this past week (completed either outside or in our home gym)…


  • Questions:
  • • Where’s the best place to find festive capris and tights? ~ I got my new tights at Kohl’s for $7.99. The problem is that it’s much harder to find holiday capris than full length tights and the tights are just too warm for me when I run.
  • • Have you gotten much snow this fall where you live? 
  • • Did you run in a race this weekend? 


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!


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