As I reflect back over Christmases past, one of my favorite memories is from when our youngest son was about four years old. It was our church’s first year with a home and even though the actual church building hadn’t yet been built, mass was held in the newly built school’s multipurpose room. As we arrived at the first Christmas Eve mass of the evening, our family was chosen to present the gifts. As we were handed the gifts of bread and wine by an usher, Daniel was given Baby Jesus to carry to the manger.

Ever so carefully and with all eyes upon him, four-year-old Daniel carried Baby Jesus toward the altar and gently placed him in the manger between Mary and Joseph. After mass, our pastor told Daniel how happy he was that Daniel had gotten the honors of being the very first person to place Baby Jesus in the manger.

Several years later our church was built and with the new church came a larger nativity set. I suspect the original crèche is now displayed at the rectory and smile as I remember Baby Jesus being carried down the aisle during Christmas Eve mass by our shy little son.


Linus, a very famous little boy, sums up the real reason we celebrate Christmas…


Merry Christmas!


  • Questions:
  • • If you celebrate Christmas, will you be able to be with family today?
  • • What’s your favorite Christmas (or other holiday) tradition?
  • • Did you run today?