It’s time to sit down once again over a beverage of your choice and chat about things other than just running, riding, and training. Won’t you please join me? I’ll go first…


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that the governor of Virginia has issued a stay-at-home mandate through June 10th. As my sign sign in our kitchen indicates, that’s sort of my style, but not quite to this extent!

As I mentioned to Judy the other day, having grown up out in the middle of nowhere out in the country and not having playdates or a sibling close to my age, I learned to entertain myself very early on. As a result, I’m dealing with staying at home pretty well; however, I do miss hanging out with my family and friends.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Virginia’s schools are closed through the remainder of the academic year and basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc. in our neighborhood are fenced off with No Trespassing signs.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I miss this little guy terribly, but at least I do get regular pupdates from his humans. Follow him at Peanut Butter Pablo for occasional doses of cuteness!


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that last Thursday was an amazing day! I finally felt back to normal after about three weeks of slowly getting over the flu and successfully completed my first virtual personal training sessions with a couple of my clients.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that in my extra time (not all clients have gone virtual) I have been working on my sons’ baby books. They were both about 75% complete, but I had little notes tucked into each with dates about things like learning to swim, jumping off the diving board, putting socks and shoes on without help, etc. that needed to be written in the appropriate places.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d ask if you’re running short on toilet paper, because in these crazy times, why not ask? We were about half way through one of the huge Costco packages when this all went down so we’re still okay. I have not been to the grocery store in three weeks, but my husband said that when he went yesterday, the paper products shelves were as empty as they were the first weekend of panic buying.


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that this was supposed to be our view last weekend, but unfortunately we all know why we couldn’t go. My sincere hope is that after the scare of this pandemic is behind us, that we take the time to appreciate all that we have.


And because I always ask, but already know the answer, if we were having coffee…..
I’d ask if you have a race coming up, and if you do, I’d wish you good luck and remind you to have fun!




Today I’m joining Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner and Coco at Running With Perseverance for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup which goes live the first Friday of every month.  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a cup of coffee and to say hello; and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers who are participating in the linkup.


  • Questions:
  • • What will you be most appreciative of when the pandemic is behind us? 
  • • What will you do first once the stay-at-home mandate is lifted?
  • • If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?