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Getting Back to Gardening

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed gardening, but as I’ve gotten older (and lazier), I’ve farmed more and more of it out. Because I do have more spare time on my hands this year, I chose to do all of the pruning. Not only would I save a lot of money, but it would force me to back outside to doing something I used to really love. With my lawn service scheduled to spread mulch on Saturday morning, I spent over six hours pruning all of the bushes and shrubs in our front beds on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I quickly realized that don’t enjoy the work as much as I used to, but I still get the same sense of satisfaction on a job well done. Being back outside gave me a renewed connection to nature, something I’ve missed since I haven’t been outside running for the last three months.

I might also have missed seeing these pink bleeding hearts in full bloom on the side of our house if I hadn’t been working outside.


A Virtual Coffee Date

Saturday afternoon was highlighted with a virtual coffee date with several blogging friends I’ve made over the last six years. For those I have not met in real life, it was fun seeing more than just a picture of them. We talked about the typical things we would have talked about in a real life coffee date, and as one would expect with the current situation, a lot of the talk centered around how the coronavirus is effecting our day-to-day lives, work, running, etc.


Just in care you’re not familiar with some of the faces, let me introduce you to the gang!

Top row, left to right:

Second row, left to right:

Third row, left to right:

Fourth row, left to right:

Bottom row:


Physical Therapy, the Great Healer

I am continuing to do my physical therapy exercises religiously. We skipped last week’s sessions so I could gradually progress back on my own to where I’d been prior to getting sick. I will touch base with the owner of the therapy center this week via TeleHealth as we evaluate my progress. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus and the drop in patients coming into the physical therapy center, my therapist was temporarily laid off.


And Now on to a RunDown of this Past Week’s Workouts…



0 x 0 Miles

Still no running, but I’m planning on going on a trial run/walk one day this coming week. Please send positive vibes my way!



1 x 3.1 Miles on Treadmill

I only got one walk in this week and it was on the treadmill. Gardening cut into the time I could have walked.



4 x 8-15 Miles

I got plenty of rides in on my spin bike (affiliate link) during the week. I focused on increasing my speed now that I’ve gotten a good foundation back under my belt.


Strength Training

3 x 1 Hour
4 x 30 Minutes of PT Homework

What can I say, I’m almost as partial to strength training as I am to running!



1 x 10 Minutes

I added a few yoga poses into the balance and stretching class I taught on Friday; otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened…


It’s on the Blog

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


Looking ahead to this coming week, I have a fun little post about Pablo’s DNA test results coming your way on Wednesday and I’ll be looking back on my running story on Friday.


In addition to the workouts I mentioned above, here’s a complete rundown of my workouts from this past week (completed either outside or in our home gym)…


  • • Have you started having virtual hangouts with family and friends?
  • • Do you enjoy gardening?
  • • Did you run in a virtual race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!


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