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Overview of the Week

Biking has become more of the focus of my cardio workouts because I finish my ride with that feeling of being completely spent like when running, something totally missing with walking, even at a faster clip. I feel so fortunate to have found a riding partner in my neighborhood and between her, my husband, and our son and daughter-in-law, I’ve got a wonderful selection of riding partners to keep me company. I’m still working my way back toward running, but in the meantime I’ve got biking!

Here’s my complete rundown of workouts from this past week completed either outside or in our home gym. Scroll down for a details from each day.



Bill and I met our son and daughter-in-law for a 40-mile Flag Day ride on the W&OD Trail on Sunday (13.3 MPH average speed). The temps hovered in the high 50’s to low 60’s throughout our ride, making for a very enjoyable morning. Throwing caution to the wind, I increased my mileage by 14 miles from my longest ride last week rather than the planned 5 miles.

I felt like I hit the wall around mile 19, but devouring a packet of Honey Stinger energy chews (affiliate link) did the trick and I felt quite strong on the ride home. I’d eaten a whole blueberry bagel before leaving home so I have no idea why I felt low on fuel.

Luckily, all felt fine during and after the ride and even with a failure to unclip incident which took me from just standing straddle of my bike to landing on the concrete with my bike on top of me, I still avoided any further damage to my body.



Monday mornings are always busy with work, but I got up super early and was able to squeeze in strength training before seeing my first client, and squeezed in my PT homework between later morning clients. By 1 PM I was finished for the day and headed out for a walk. Even though it was only 75° with low humidity, I could tell the warmer temps were having an affect on my performance and ended my 5 mile walk with a 16:16 average pace.



I met my friend Betsy on Tuesday morning at 8 AM for a ride. It was 61° as we rolled out of our neighborhood for our 15 mile ride. We had a great time and even though it felt like we were riding faster, our average speed was the same as the last 2 weeks (13.6 MPH). At least we’re consistent!

Later in the afternoon, I met Ashley for physical therapy. She focused on having me do lots of unilateral leg exercises so my legs were toast by the time I left.



I knew Wednesday was going to be crazy busy so I got up at 5 AM when Bill headed out for his bike ride and hit the basement to lift and do my physical therapy homework. After finishing with my first client, I scooted outside and walked a fast 5K (14:38 average pace) in the delightful 62°. I completed my walk with 5 minutes to spare before heading back in to 3 back-to-back sessions. By the time I finished my last appointment at 2 it was raining so I was happy I’d walked earlier so I didn’t have to hit up the treadmill (affiliate link).



I decided to keep it simple and ride inside on my spin bike (affiliate link) on Thursday morning completing 15 miles at a steady 15.8 MPH. As much as I love riding outdoors, it’s a lot simpler to hop on my spin bike rather than pulling together all of my gear, and putting my lights, Garmin, etc. on my bike.

I had physical therapy in the early afternoon (my PT took it easy on me since I hadn’t eaten all day) and then spent the rest of my day doing my prep for Friday’s colonoscopy – the joys of getting older.



Having not eaten anything other than a small amount of green jello since Wednesday’s dinner, I was surprised that I woke up Friday morning feeling pretty much normal. I did an easy strength training session and my physical therapy homework to kill the time until my 12:30 PM procedure. All went well and I don’t have to repeat the process for 5 years.



I ended up going on 2 different walks on Saturday, but broken into 3 separate times. I started out alone, but was joined by Bill as I neared 3 miles. Since we gab and walk slower together, I reset my watch at the end of 5K (15:46 pace) and walked 2 more miles with him (16:35 pace). Later in the afternoon Julie and I walked 1 mile roundtrip (15:59 pace) to the butcher to pick up chicken to grill for dinner. The temperature ranged from a stagnant 69° at 8:30 AM to a breezy 79° at 4 PM.


Here’s What You Might Have Missed

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • What was your most fun workout this past week?
  • • Have you experienced the joy of having a colonoscopy? ~ The prep is worse than the actual procedure since you’re under general anesthesia.
  • • Did you run in a virtual race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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