A Simple Training Plan

Always looking to for a challenge and to push it to the next level, Bill and I registered for the August 22nd Reston Century.

My training plan was pretty simple…

  • • Spend more time in the saddle with three to four rides per week
  • • Ride at least one 70-miler
  • • Become familiar with the four climbs along the tour

As you can see, I didn’t set up a hard or intense training schedule for preparing for the century and perhaps that was a good thing. Not once, but twice, my training was derailed by surgery to remove squamous cell carcinomas, one from the top of my left shoulder and the other from just above my upper lip. Both times I was instructed to cut back on hard workouts for at least a week which cut into key training time.


Achieving Two of My Three Training Goals

Of the three training goals set, two were achieved. I regularly rode three to four days a week for the last couple of months, while cutting my running days back to only one. Two of the four hills became regulars on my training rides and I rode the other two hills on a single ride just over a week ago. Most of my rides since the 66-Mile Tour de Madison Metric Century in mid-May have been in the 40 to 45 mile range so I haven’t gotten close to riding a 70-miler.



Determination Will Be the Key

What I lack in training, I plan to make up for in sheer determination and perseverance; and those who know me, know the word quit isn’t in my vocabulary. Barring a mechanical issue or injury, I plan to mosey along until 100 miles are in my review mirror…


  • • Century riders out there, what else should I add to training for my next century?
  • • When you train for something do you stick closely to the training schedule or is your approach more loosey-goosey?
  • • If I’m successful, how should I celebrate?