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Years of Abuse Led to a Solid Routine

I’ve been talking about skin cancer a lot this summer and a short tutorial on how I protect my skin from further damage seems like a good topic to cover. Of course, following the advice of someone who abused her skin for years may not seem like the best idea. The move from baby oil to sunscreen was a difficult one, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and now have a solid routine in place.


First Up, the Face

If there are no specific outdoor activities on the docket, my morning routine includes applying Olay Total Effects face moisturizer with SPF 15. If I want to look a little more finished, I use Garnier Skin Active BB with SPF 15 (affiliate link) to even out my skin tones.

Anytime I know, or even suspect I’ll be outside for any length of time, I apply a healthy layer of Neutrogena Age Shield face lotion with SPF 70 (affiliate link) to not only my face, but to my neck, throat, and ears. If I don’t want to have a ghostly white glow to my face, I’ll top it off with Elta MD lightly tinted facial sunscreen with SPF 41 (affiliate link). I’ll use the Elta MD alone if I know that I won’t be out for an extended time and want the tinted more finished look.


Arms and Legs

On days that I won’t be outside other than walking to and from the gym, into stores, etc., I am starting to use Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense lotion (affiliate link) on my arms and legs. Previously, I used body lotion without any SPF.

If I plan to run, bike, or work in the garden, I spray on Banana Boat Sport (affiliate link) – I previously used Neutrogena spray until it was recalled earlier in the summer. I’ve been known to forget to use my spray on sunscreen on morning when we start our ride in the dark, so to make sure I don’t forget it, I keep it with my bike.


Going the Cheaper Route

For years I only used Lancome products for my daily routine, but when my local Nordstrom closed, I quickly became a fan of ordering items from Amazon. My skin doesn’t seem any worse for the wear and my wallet is a lot happier.


  • • Do you use sunscreen on the daily?
  • • Do you use different types depending on what you’re doing?
  • • What is your favorite brand of sunscreen? ~ I tend to use Neutrogena mainly because that’s what my dermatologist recommended years ago when I first started seeing him. It works well for me as I don’t get sunburns even when outside for the day.


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