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New Format, Who Dis

A few years ago I recapped each week by events, grouping my runs together, my strength training workouts together, etc. Eventually, I changed to my current day-of-the-week format and now find myself at a quandary and playing around with the format once again. I do like focusing on the day of the week and plan to stick with that, but sometimes I feel like I get a little too wordy with the details. I’m not sure where I’ll settle, but for now, I’m going to keep it simple and a lot less wordy…


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll down for daily details…



Rest day!



Strength Training: 1 hour of full body



Cycling: 45 miles
Average speed: 14.7 MPH
Bike: Specialized Roubaix Comp road
Surface: paved
Elevation gain: 2,064 feet
Time of day: 6:10 AM
Location: W&OD Trail and roads to Hamilton
Weather: 63° and foggy, climbing to 68° and overcast
What I wore: bike shorts and s/s jersey, arm sleeves, fingerless gloves

I got a dense fog notification on my Garmin (affiliate link) when we left home which made me a little nervous since it was still dark. Luckily, Bill and I didn’t see any fog until after daybreak and 21 miles into our ride.



Strength Training: 1 hour of full body



Running: 5K
Average pace: 9:22
Time of day: 8:40 AM
Location: neighborhood trails
Weather: 64° and overcast
Clothing: shorts, tank, and visor

After my run, I took my little tripod back to the trail to get a picture. When a guy walking two dogs started chatting with me, I decided to be bold and ask him to take a picture.


Walk: 2 miles
Average pace: 15:14
Time of day: 11:15 AM
Location: neighborhood trails to the butcher
Weather: 68° and partly sunny

I walked to take care of a couple of errands including picking up chicken for grilling and Brussels sprouts at the Wine’ing Butcher.

Foam rolling: 10 minutes

Stretching: 10 minutes



Strength Training: 1 hour of full body

Balance and Stretching: 45 minutes



Cycling: 40 miles
Average speed: 12.3
Bike: Cannondale Topstone gravel
Surface: gravel
Elevation gain: 2,986 feet
Time of day: 8:10 AM
Location: Goose Creek Bridge in Waterford loops
Weather: 61° and overcast, climbing to 70°
Kit: bike shorts and s/s jersey, arm sleeves, and fingerless gloves (took arm sleeves off mid-ride)

We had ridden pretty much the same course in late March starting at the Civil War era Goose Creek Bridge, but Bill made a few adjustments so we wouldn’t have to ride for 2 miles along a 4-lane highway. It was a fantastic day for a gravel ride!


Last Week’s Blog Posts

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • What are you thoughts on the new format?
  • • What was your favorite workout last week? ~ Mine was Saturday’s gravel ride!
  • • Did you run in a race this weekend? If so, was it live or virtual?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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