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Spring Fever in the Making

It may have been short-lived, but this past week’s mild weather gave me a whooping dose of spring fever after spending some time outside gardening, running in shorts, and spotting a few Robins. This morning’s snow squashed the fever, but I’m hopeful there will be more days like this past week and fewer snow days as we make our way past mid-February. 


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll beyond the infographic for daily details…



Walking: 2 miles
• Average pace: 14:38
• Start time: 4:42 PM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 63°
• What I wore: capris and jog bra

I took advantage of multitasking and hopped on my treadmill (affiliate link) to walk while chatting on the phone with my mom.



Strength training : 1 hour of total body



Running: 5K
• Average pace: 9:31
• Start time: 11:27 AM
• Location: neighborhood trails
• Weather: 40° (feels like 32°) and sunny
• What I wore: capris, s/s shirt, nylon shell, gloves, ear warmer headband, and visor

Walking: 1 mile
• Average pace: 15:03
• Start time: 11:58 AM
• Location: neighborhood trails
• Weather: 41° (feels like 34°) and sunny
• What I wore: capris, s/s shirt, nylon shell, gloves, ear warmer headband, and visor

Foam rolling: 10 minutes

Stretching: 10 minutes

I decided to let the temperature warm up a little from the 20’s before heading out for a late morning run. It felt so good to be out that I added in a short walk before wrapping up my workout.



Strength training : 1 hour of total body

I always try to incorporate core work and balance into my strength training workouts. One of my go-to exercises is single-arm row while in a single-leg stance on a stability pad (affiliate link). Core strength and balance go hand in hand and is something we need to focus on as we get older (I teach a balance and stretching class for seniors every Friday). A few other balance exercises I do are airplanes, single-leg deadlifts, pistol squats, super slow curtesy lunges, super slow dynamic lunges, and tightrope walk with eyes shut.



Gardening – 2 hours

With temperatures in the high 50’s I so wanted to join my husband for an afternoon bike ride, but I needed to stay close to home for various reasons. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the nice weather while outside cutting back our perennial garden and digging out leaves that were still clinging to some of the foundation bushes.



Strength training : 1 hour of total body

Cycling: 15 miles
• Average speed: 16.6 MPH
• Bike: Life Fitness Lifecycle Spin
• Surface: N/A
• Elevation gain: N/A
• Start time: 7:58 AM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 64°
• What I wore: bike shorts and jog bra

Stretching: 15 minutes

At 28° I had no desire to ride outside and knew I wouldn’t have time later when the temps were forecast to get into the low 60’s, so riding my spin bike (affiliate link) would have to do.



Running: 5K
• Average pace: 9:21
• Start time: 8:31 AM
• Location: neighborhood trails and W&OD Trail
• Weather: 47° and partly cloudy
• What I wore: shorts, s/s shirt, nylon shell, gloves, ear warmer headband, and visor

Foam rolling: 10 minutes

Stretching: 10 minutes

Mid-morning brought nearly perfect running weather with a taste of spring and I happily donned my shorts for the first time this year. I got a little warm and had to take off my jacket and gloves about halfway into my run and chuckled at the strange looks I got from people all bundled up walking their dogs.


Last Week’s Blog Posts

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? ~ We had a high of 58° yesterday and it’s snowing this morning.
  • • Do you incorporate core work or balance drills into your workouts?
  • • Did you run in a race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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