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Five Years Later And It Still Doesn’t Seem Real

Some days it seems like it’s been forever since my dad passed away, and at other times it seems like it was just yesterday that I last hugged him goodbye before driving home from his hospital room. Today is the five-year anniversary of his death and in tribute to my amazing dad, here’s a rerun of […]


One Year Later, And Missing My Dad

A year ago today I lost my dad, and at times it feels like it was forever ago, and at other times it seems like just yesterday that I was laughing at his corny jokes, giving him fitness advice, and talking Monday morning quarterback with him. Shortly after Dad died, I wrote the following tribute […]


Goodbye For Now, Dad

Last Thursday I wrote Just What the Doctor Ordered, and talked about my stressful trip to Tennessee to help care for a loved one. I didn’t mention that I left sobbing. I didn’t have that feeling in my gut, that feeling that I’d never see him alive again, but I was afraid of what might […]

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