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Back-To-School Boot Camp

I named Wednesday’s boot camp, Back-To-School Boot Camp, for two reasons.  Firstly, because our public schools started on Monday and we watched the teachers starting to arrive while we were working out on the middle school track (yes, they were arriving before 6:30 AM…)  And secondly, because I used suicides as the cardio intervals, and […]


Summer Sizzling Boot Camp

As summer draws toward an end, so will my boot camp series. Our 5:30 AM class was mostly done in the dark this morning, and within a few weeks it will still be dark when we finish up.  I’ve decided to do two more weeks even though I told the ladies this morning that today […]


Surfside Boot Camp

If you’re looking for a fun and no-equipment-needed workout to do while vacationing, look no further.  I designed this workout so it can be done on the beach, in your back yard, or in your family room.    Pyramids are your cardio intervals between your strengthening exercises.  Each pyramid consists of doing 150 total reps […]


Focusing On The Core At Boot Camp

Today’s post will be short and sweet – just a quick share of my boot camp workout from yesterday.  Please enjoy; and feel free to pin and share! What started as an idea on a run, has turned into a fun workout that I design and lead each Wednesday at 5:30 AM.  I try to […]

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