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When in Blacksburg… Arriving in Blacksburg Thursday evening with bright and expectant eyes for another fun-filled football weekend, Bill and I unpacked our stuff and headed straight to Cabo Fish Taco for dinner and drinks. Our friends Jim and Dee joined us to help close the place down (it closes at 10 PM LOL) and […]


Farm Running And Blacksburg Fun

I had so much fun last week visiting my mom on the farm; and while out of town, I kept true to my workouts and healthy eating even with the fun size Mounds candy bars my mom had waiting for me and the birthday brownie she served Thursday night. The weather was fantastic so it was […]


Amazing Endurance Runners And An Evening Back On Campus

Yesterday I started my last morning visiting my mom with a 12-mile extra-hilly run.  My run was far better than my previous one, but those hills put a hurting on me.  My total time was 2:00:54 (10:04 pace), and my quads are still complaining! I ran past the trash and recycling center and since they […]

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