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Yesterday morning was our ninth-annual Easter Bunny Hop. The tradition started when my Cruiser friend Jerome and I planned an excursion taking us off the W&OD Trail, winding along smaller neighborhood trails until we arrived at Bill’s and my back yard where we’d hidden bottles of Gatorade and plastic Easter eggs filled with packets of […]


2013 Running And Racing Year Recap

To celebrate this last day of 2013, I’ve put together the year in pictures… Unfortunately, I’m not starting off very well since didn’t start blogging until January 31st, and until then didn’t feel the need to photograph every moment of my life.  Believe it or not, I have no running pictures from January! On this […]


Cruisers’ Easter Bunny Hop

For about the past five years, I’ve been having the annual Easter Bunny Hop for the Cruisers.  I fill my baskets with runner goodies and hand them out before the run.  One year I tried to wear bunny ears for the run, but they kept falling off, so now I just wear them for handing […]

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