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Road Trip To Annapolis For The ZOOMA Half Marathon

I’ve been on two Cruisers road trips with races as our main focus, but this weekend was my first MRTT road trip!  We had a blast, and I didn’t expect anything less.  Six human runners and one paper runner packed into Angela’s minivan for a fun trip to Annapolis for the ZOOMA Half Marathon (more […]


Feetures Socks Winner!

Congratulations to Sue from This Mama Runs for Cupcakes for winning three pairs of Feetures socks from my most recent giveaway!  I suggest asking Sue for assistance when picking the numbers in your next lottery ticket purchase, because Sue also won a Road ID from my February giveaway! Sue’s on a roll! Thank you Feetures […]


Sharing The Feetures Socks Love!

As my running friends and Instagram followers know, I love my Feetures socks!  From the very first time I tried on a pair, they have become my absolute favorite for running and everyday wear.  The woven arch support on my Elites makes my feet feel fabulous, and since I’m on my feet while working, my […]

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