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If Garmin is Down, Did You Really Workout?

Garmin is Down On Thursday morning our MRTT chapter leader posted to our Facebook group that Garmin Connect was down and to not waste time trying to sync our watches to our apps. I dismissed it as a minor inconvenience and promptly forgot to take a picture of my watch screen after my workout, just […]


It’s A Runner Thing

We’re a quirky bunch, we runners…  We do odd little things and don’t think twice about it, yet our non-running friends think we’re nuts.  When I tell my friends something about a one of my runs and they don’t understand, I say, “Never mind, it’s a runner thing.”  So buckle your seat belts, sit back, […]


Cruisers Rock Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon

Today was a huge day for the Cruisers!!! First I want to give a shout-out to Vamshi, Amanda, and Kim for their great performances at the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon in D.C. this morning! All three Cruisers did great, and two set a new PR! Back home, Bill and I met Beth on the […]

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